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Eager or disposed to fight. See Synonyms at belligerent.

com·bat′ive·ly adv.
com·bat′ive·ness n.
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Adv.1.combatively - in a bellicose contentious manner; "`Don't trespass onto my property,' the neighbor shouted combatively"
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Against that backdrop, surely Liu's case is one on which Europe's voice must be heard much more clearly and combatively.
Should the White House give Congress the benefit of the doubt on disputed constitutional questions, rather than combatively casting doubt on Congress?
At a TV talk in November 2016, when questioned about how effective the budget proposal to increase the traffic fines to Rs 25,000 for offences would be, the FM responded combatively (as usual) 'Why, do you want 'murder' on the roads'?
But instead they find themselves hunched over a keyboard, pecking away combatively on the mobile phones while sitting in traffic, greeting the world with anger first thing in the morning when they get on social media, staying up late at night looking at drug war statistics.
Harstock continued to act combatively toward police, threatening to turn his dog loose on them, police said.
They intellectually and combatively discuss the issues of the day.
This essay argues that Acosta combatively collaborates with his friends and publishers in order to ensure literary survival.
Noise TV too would combatively remain in the TRP ratings race.
While Heffernan's approach opens up a way to think about Walser combatively, it reads the aggression in the text solely as a social critique and therefore glosses over the broader environment of modernist anxiety and wartime aggression.
There are unquestionably journalists who approach the pope combatively, hoping to catch him off-guard.
President Cristina Fernandez, known for combatively defending her unorthodox policies, tweeted that Greece's vote marked "a resounding victory for democracy and dignity.
Darryl Zanuck convinced McCarthy to cast the gifted but combatively alcoholic George C.