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Eager or disposed to fight. See Synonyms at belligerent.

com·bat′ive·ly adv.
com·bat′ive·ness n.
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Adv.1.combatively - in a bellicose contentious manner; "`Don't trespass onto my property,' the neighbor shouted combatively"
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"America is not some experiment," not some idea primed for export, his essay concluded combatively. "It's my home."
1937-38 (which Tanning likely saw in New York), in which Carrington faces the viewer combatively, wild-haired, confident and androgynous, accompanied by her hyena familiar.
To this abrupt rupture in the understanding of vulnerability, Ian responds combatively refusing to identify himself with the subaltern for she/he lacks the agency the perpetrator aims to maintain.
Puno enthused that the San Gabriel plant "delivers low-cost source of electricity to consumers," and combatively qualifying that "contrary to perception, First Gen is clearly proving the price competitiveness of clean low carbon natural gas-fired power versus more polluting coal-fired power even at full baseload dispatch."
He engages combatively, shall we say, with people who shouldn't be his combatants at all investors, employees, the media.
The outgoing chairman, however, pointed out that his successor will not just be a young man in age but someone who is 'robustly and combatively committed to all the ideals that our party, the PRP, has always stood for.'
Burnham's comedy, while evolving, has typically been theatrically, even combatively brash.
Law."<br />That is the impression that many non-lawyers have of our profession, thoughthat lawyers spend their days combatively arguing over things, so a person who likes to argue is one who would probably make a good lawyer.
Although it is possible to argue that their praise of the central government's actions to improve governance and public welfare is civil, the group's tendency to combatively delegitimize netizens they see as irrational, uninformed, or harboring favorable opinions of the West tends to disqualify their opponents from participating in public debates entirely (Han, 2015a) and thus are quite uncivil.
The growth of charter schools has ignited controversy in both states, but districts in Florida, in general, have responded more combatively to that growth.
The Closing of the American Mind, in fact, catalogues Bloom's abiding disdain for the New Left's takeover of the university--a takeover he combatively likened to the Nazi destruction of German higher education.