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a. A thin toothed strip, as of plastic, used to smooth, arrange, or fasten the hair.
b. An implement, such as one for dressing and cleansing wool or other fiber, that resembles a hair comb in shape or use.
c. A currycomb.
a. The fleshy crest or ridge that grows on the crown of the head of domestic fowl and other birds and is most prominent in the male.
b. Something suggesting a fowl's comb in appearance or position.
3. A honeycomb.
v. combed, comb·ing, combs
a. To arrange or groom (the hair) with or as with a comb: combed her hair with a comb; combed his hair with his fingers.
b. To move through or pass across with a raking action: The wind combed the wheatfields.
2. To straighten and separate (wool or other fibers) using a comb.
3. To search thoroughly; look through: combed the dresser drawers for a lost bracelet.
4. To eliminate with or as with a comb: combed the snarls out of his hair.
1. To roll and break. Used of waves.
2. To make a thorough search: combed through the file for the contract.

[Middle English, from Old English camb, comb; see gembh- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.combed - (of hair) made tidy with a comb; "with hair combed to the side"
uncombed - (of hair) not combed; "he was unwashed and uncombed with his clothes half buttoned"; "wild unkempt hair"
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Time dragged heavily till the time of the full moon, but it passed at last, and as soon as it rose the young wife went to the pond, combed her black hair with a golden comb, and when she had finished, placed the comb on the bank; then she watched the water impatiently.
As if I couldn't, that have combed it these seven years-- better than your mother, darling, better than your mother.
Magdalen's curious fancy for having her hair combed at all times and seasons was among the peculiarities of her character which were notorious to everybody in the house.