combination shot

combina′tion shot`

a shot in pool in which at least one object ball pockets another.
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Reyes, the living legend of Philippine billiards, was in his element, scoring a fast kill over his overmatched opponent by sinking the 10 on a combination shot in the 15th match to barge into the finals.
The state has added some requirements in recent years, including the combination shot known as DTaP (which vaccinates against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) for seventh- through 11th-graders and hepatitis A shots for first- through fourth-graders.
Athens, May 17, 2010 (TAP)- A concerted export drive in tandem with a weaker euro may offer the Greek government its best combination shot at economic salvation as it looks to drag a country mired in debt and protectionism into a free market world.
For adults, a combination shot, called a Td booster, protects against both tetanus and diphtheria.
Higher velocity loadings with the same combination shot well, but this one was best.
This 54-hole format starts with alternate-shot foursomes, going on to four-ball better-ball and finishing on Sunday with a scramble, a form of golf which leads to some scarily low numbers such as the 57 the McCarron/Faxon combination shot last year to storm past second-round leaders John Daly and Frank Lickliter.
A series of combination shots cornered Gerber in the fifth, prompting the referee to end the contest, the report said.
A good rule of thumb is that the puppy will need three distemper combination shots (these shots include distemper and four to six other vaccinations in one dose).
The Welshman's combination shots and jabs to the body didn't always have the desired effect and more than once Murat was able to get through with a few of his own punches.
Young Wright hit Leah with sharp combination shots, an approach that signalled Watt's coaching trademark of fast and accurate punches.