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1. The act of combining or the state of being combined.
2. The result of combining.
3. An alliance of persons or parties for a common purpose; an association.
4. A sequence of numbers or letters used to open a combination lock.
5. Mathematics One or more elements selected from a set without regard to the order of selection.

com′bi·na′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.combinational - able to or tending to combine
combinative, combinatory - marked by or relating to or resulting from combination
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Of, relating to, or tending to produce combination:
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The patient friendly attributes of Non-invasive Coronary Imaging is spurring the adoption of combinational imaging modalities cardiac computed tomography (MDCT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in routine clinical practices especially for direct imaging coronary vasculature.
Valaris CEO and President Tom Burke said, "Following the closing of our merger [of Ensco and Rowan to form Valaris plc] in April, our focus has been on executing our detailed integration plan to deliver at least $165M of combinational synergies.
"It's called 'combinational' strategy," explained Kevin, who divides his time between his business and private tutoring.
This circuit was chosen, because it comprises only combinational logic and it can be tested without pattern generators or logic analyzers, as these tools can distort the power measurements.
PP-1 Attock I , total 195 polling stations which include 79 male, 77 female and 39 combinational poling stations , where 114899 male and 104689 female voters , for PP- 2 Attock II total 209 poling stations which include 71 male and 71 male and 65 female and 73 combined poling stations where 133522 male and 115174 female voters and in PP-3 Attock III, total 57 male , 50 female and 75 combined poling stations where 127799 male , 115586 female voters , in Attock 5 , Attock V total 74 male , 70 female and the 103 combined poling stations have been established where 144344 male and 130565 female voters would exercise their right to vote.
Three minutes later, the most active players of Azergold Vusal Nasirov and Yamin Agakerimzade created a combinational attack.
"With device complexity on the rise, the market is expected to witness more demand for combinational testers."
He said combinational skills, such as in multimedia and strategic design - especially when based on critical thinking and creative output - are recommended because these are two things machines are not yet able to achieve seamlessly.
The combinational and successive circuits need four sequential and definite segments to operate timing in QCA.
In memory elements, transient faults may be produced by the preceding combinational circuit glitches.
AntiPD-L1 treatment failed to delay tumor growth, and PDT led to a 75% reduction in tumor volume, while combination treatment completely eradicated the tumor, suggesting the good performance of PDT and anti-PD-L1 combinational therapy.