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1. The act of combining or the state of being combined.
2. The result of combining.
3. An alliance of persons or parties for a common purpose; an association.
4. A sequence of numbers or letters used to open a combination lock.
5. Mathematics One or more elements selected from a set without regard to the order of selection.

com′bi·na′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.combinational - able to or tending to combine
combinative, combinatory - marked by or relating to or resulting from combination


Of, relating to, or tending to produce combination:
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The conventional design of the A5/1 stream cipher consists of four main characteristics that make up the system, and these are the linear feedback shift register (LFSR), the feedback polynomials, the clocking mechanism, and the combinational function.
It is a technique to improve the throughput of digital systems where the combinational Logic is divided into smaller combinational logic.
The proposal stipulates that all initial understandings that are discussed in the military and security committee are directly linked in terms of implementation to the combinational power which is supposed to be the product of discussions in the political committee.
According to Viriom, efficacy and safety studies have shown that Elpida has high virologic and immunologic efficacy in combinational therapy and significantly increased safety compared to currently used NNRTI drugs, as well as excellent virus mutation stability.
Some of these can be broadly classified as (1) cognitive-behavioral, (2) motivational interviewing, (3) contingency management interventions, and (4) combinational (Bradizza, Stasiewicz, & Dermen, 2014).
He covers combinational logic design; logic circuit implementation; logic circuits; bistables; sequential logic design; and number systems, coding, and arithmetic.
We will investigate this using genetically modified mice, ex-vivo organoid models and human tissues with the aim to identify beneficial combinational treatments against cancer invasion.
It also implies that combinational types described in this research are relatively recent and are the result of secondary contact between the aforementioned species.
Then they were randomly assigned to two experimental groups: 10 patients privileged with combinational exercises (stretching and aerobic) and 10 patients consuming the additive tetrahydrocannabinol.
com)-- Combinational technologies play a crucial role for the European outlook of interventional oncology, a new Market Insight from Frost & Sullivan reveals.
One common task in digital electronics consists of designing a combinational logic circuit (CLC) that performs a desired function, given a certain specified set of available logic gates [1].