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 (kŏm′bə-nə-tôr′ē-əl, kəm-bī′nə-)
1. Relating to or involving combinations.
2. Relating to the arrangement and counting of mathematical elements in sets.

com′bi·na·to′ri·al·ly adv.
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(kəmˌbaɪ nəˈtɔr i əl, -ˈtoʊr-, ˌkɒm bə-)

1. of, pertaining to, or involving the combination of elements, as in phonetics or music.
2. of or pertaining to the enumeration of the number of ways of doing or arranging something in a specific way.
3. of or pertaining to mathematical combinations.
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Adj.1.combinatorial - relating to or involving combinations
integrative - combining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole
2.combinatorial - relating to the combination and arrangement of elements in sets
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
combinative, combinatory - marked by or relating to or resulting from combination
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Of, relating to, or tending to produce combination:
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The Plaid Model, which is a self-contained sequel to Richard Schwartz's Outer Billiards on Kites, provides a combinatorial model for orbits of outer billiards on kites, says a review on the Princeton University Press website.
Second generation expands scale from 1,024 bits to 8,192 bits, maximizing ability to rapidly solve combinatorial optimization problems; across a variety of industries
Combinatorial Reciprocity Theorems: An Invitation to Enumerative Geometric Combinatorics
* Model SPD130DLX--A medium capacity, modular system, resistant to aggressive solvents used in combinatorial chemistry applications, including TFA and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).
- Paris, France-based synthetic nucleic acids manufacturer DNA Script and Gainesville, Florida-based biotechnology company Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry (DCC) have signed an exclusive licensing agreement that will expand DNA Script's use of a novel DNA building block, commercialized by DCC, to synthesize high purity synthetic DNA and other nucleic acids, the company said.
In this paper we develop another approach based on modern combinatorial methods of the analysis and enumeration of structures via generating functions [3-5].
Combinatorial Testing (CT) is focus on testing combination of values only.
Researchers have figured out how to make combinatorial libraries of nanoparticles in a very controlled way.
Combinatorial Maps: Efficient Data Structures for Computer Graphics and Image Processing is a scholarly resource intended especially for researchers and graduate students in geometric modeling, computational and discrete geometry, computer graphics, and image processing and analysis.
Recent developments in algebraic and combinatorial aspects of representation theory; proceedings.
In [2], Wilson defined the combinatorial Hodge star operator to define holomorphic 1-cochains of a triangulated Riemann surface whose simplicial 1-cochains are equipped with a non-degenerate inner product.

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