combine harvester

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combine harvester

(Agriculture) a machine that simultaneously cuts, threshes, and cleans a standing crop of grain
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קומבייןקומביין תבואותקצרדש
biçerdöver makinesı


(kəmˈbain) verb
to join together in one whole; to unite. They combined (forces) to fight the enemy; The chemist combined calcium and carbon.
(ˈkombain) noun
an association of trading companies. a large manufacturing combine.
ˌcombiˈnation (-bi-) noun
1. (the result of) combining or being combined. The town was a combination of old and new architecture.
2. a set of numbers used to open certain types of lock. He couldn't open the safe as he had forgotten the combination; (also adjective) a combination lock.
combine harvester
a machine that both harvests and threshes crops.
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The farmers' groups received rice transplanters, tractors, rice combine harvesters, multi-crop combine harvester, corn sheller, cornmill and banana chipper.
A combine harvester operates at maximum efficiency only if there is a substantially constant crop material feed rate [2, 7].
A 75-YEAR-OLD pilot cheated death yesterday when his light aircraft hit a combine harvester as it came in to land.
Al-Ghazi Tractors has brought in first of its kind New Holland Brand Combine Harvester into Pakistan.
HAFIZABAD -- A young cultivator and his minor son were killed on-the-spot when combine harvester hit his bike on Ramke Road Thursday.
The victim - named locally as John Paul Currie, a 35-year-old father-of-two from Berwick - died when his car collided with a combine harvester on the A1167 near Scremerston, just before 7.30pm on Friday, September 23.
The workers, mainly those who do the harvesting, are attributing their woes to a farm mechanization program of the government, which replaced manual labor with combine harvester machines.
New Delhi: Mahindra & Mahindra has acquired 35 percent stake in Finland's Sampo Rosenlew for up to 18 million euros (about Rs 135 crore), marking its foray into the combine harvester business.
His topics include crop harvesting data and plant properties, cereal threshing and separating processes: threshing units, the separation process and operation of straw walkers, the grain conveying process and equipment, crop residue chopping and spreading, the dynamic modeling of material flow in a combine harvester, and guiding and controlling autonomous combine harvesters.
PhilRice suggested that in harvesting crops submerged in water or mud, farmers could use the combine harvester provided that the field is already dry.
1976 The Wurzels - Combine Harvester THE Scrumpy and Western heroes are still best known for their number one hit, Combine Harvester - a song they still perform to this day.

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