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v. com·bined, com·bin·ing, com·bines
1. To bring into a state of unity; make united: combined the ingredients in a bowl; combined the eggs and flour.
2. To join (two or more substances) to make a single substance, such as a chemical compound; mix.
3. To have, exhibit, or involve in combination: The choreography combines artistry and athletics.
4. (kŏm′bīn′) To harvest (a grain crop) using a cutting, threshing, and cleaning machine.
1. To become united: factors that combined to produce a storm.
2. To join together for a common purpose. See Synonyms at join.
3. Chemistry To form a compound.
4. (kŏm′bīn′) To harvest a grain crop using a cutting, threshing, and cleaning machine.
n. (kŏm′bīn′)
1. A power-operated harvesting machine that cuts, threshes, and cleans grain.
2. An association of people or groups united for the furtherance of political or commercial interests.
3. A combination.

[Middle English combinen, from Old French combiner, from Late Latin combīnāre : Latin com-, com- + bīnī, two by two; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.]

com·bin′er n.
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The development activity set out to improve on an existing MILMEGA design, which was implemented as a conventional stripline combiner using 2 X 0.25 inch thick Duroid slabs.
This business combination appears to satisfy the criterion as a pooling of interests because: 20,000 shares x 90% = 18,000 shares and the issuer firm acquired 18,500 shares of the combiner firm's outstanding common stock, which represents more than 90% of the firm's outstanding common stock.
The Broadcast Center has been fully equipped with new RF systems (including signal combiners), antennas, emergency generators and other equipment to support local broadcasters.
ETL has designed new functionality and increased benefits into a series of advanced products, including its StingRay RF over Fibre and Dextra splitters and combiners. New StingRay models on show will include redundancy systems for reliability and standalone component modules, while new Dextra models now include options with integrated DC and 10MHz pass.
On the basis of components, this report is segmented into video generator, projector, combiner, and others.
The idea here described starts from [21], where we have proposed a new output combiner based on a single-section branch-line coupler, with an open circuit at the fourth port.
The variety CIM-786 scoring the maximum array means (299.70) proved to the best general combiner, whereas crosses within the array, cross CIM- 557 x CIM-786 possessed the highest value (319.83) showing the best specific combining ability for this character.
Finally, the receiver channel estimate information is used in a maximum ratio combiner to obtain an optimum estimate of the transmitted data samples.
The [lambda]-MRC is a modified two branch MRC combiner, and it weights one branch using [lambda] and the other branch with a unity weight.
Jampro Antennas, a supplier of antennas, combiners and filters as well as RF components, recently introduced its RCCC-102-FM constant impedance FM bandpass combiner to broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific.