combustible material

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Noun1.combustible material - a substance that can be burned to provide heat or powercombustible material - a substance that can be burned to provide heat or power
fuel - a substance that can be consumed to produce energy; "more fuel is needed during the winter months"; "they developed alternative fuels for aircraft"
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Or if the combustible materials that now seem to be collecting should be dissipated without coming to maturity, or if a flame should be kindled without extending to us, what security can we have that our tranquillity will long remain undisturbed from some other cause or from some other quarter?
Yet two years on, thousands are still living in buildings clad with the same combustible material used on Grenfell.
And now a PS125million building at Faslane is being picked apart to remove any potentially combustible material.
'Lighted candles and or gas lamps should be placed far from curtains and highly combustible material,' he said.
The company said electrical, fuel, gas, oil, metals and solid combustible material fires can all extinguished with Firexo.
He said that other improvements could be prioritised, such as preventing combustible material from being left, and more frequent safety checks.
The windows lacked fire resisting cavity barriers and were surrounded by combustible material, meaning there was a "disproportionately high probability" of fire spreading to the cladding, she added.
'Flammable and combustible material were stowed together and no separate or organised place was dedicated for safe keeping of explosive materials.'
This high-sulfur fuel - or bunker fuel as it's known is the dirtiest residual combustible material left over in refineries.
They suspect the blaze may have been caused by combustible material in the fuel tanks of the cars.
The beacon will consist of 40 tons of combustible material and 200 gallons of oil.
Ahmad said many of these lights are made of low-quality and combustible material, and are not fitted properly.