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1. The process of burning.
2. A chemical change, especially oxidation, accompanied by the production of heat and light.
3. Violent anger or agitation: Combustion within the populace slowly built up to the point of revolution.

[Middle English, from Late Latin combustiō, combustiōn-, from Latin combustus, past participle of combūrere, to burn up, blend of com-, intensive pref.; see com- and ambūrere, to burn around (amb-, ambi-, ambi- + ūrere, to burn).]

com·bus′tive (-tĭv) adj.
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Adj.1.combustive - supporting combustion
combustible - capable of igniting and burning
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THE West has been on fire all month, with dream homes falling to a combustive punch, wild horses seared by flame and suffocated by smoke, even a rare"firenado" dancing across a landscape in which 7 million acres have been burned this year.
Nevertheless, the risk of handling and transporting chlorine due its highly combustive nature is an obstacle for global chlorine market.
xxi]), analysis, approach, and the affirming offer of justification for music in a combustive world.
The 2008 subprime crisis and the attendant defaults of major corporations were only extreme examples of a cyclical and inherently combustive financial market.
As pearl diving became an important business and trade flourished, further defensive structures were added, including crenellated walls and towers with "murder holes" where stones or combustive material could be dropped on besiegers.
It is the ingress of air and moisture that initiates the combustive reaction, so care must be taken to avoid this prior to evaluating the system for contamination.
There is the hectic, plaintive thrum of traffic that is punctuated now and then by the outraged bleating of a horn or the combustive banshee-wail of Japanese sports bikes revving to redline.
People from that region are perceived as being combustive but, actually, Amalfitano is a hard worker.
Feinstein, a longtime advocate of gun safety laws, said she is ready to for the tough and potentially combustive fight ahead of her.
Biden and Ryan -- nearly 30 years his junior -- tangled on Iran, Libya, Afghanistan and leading domestic issues such as health care, abortion and taxes on a combustive evening in Kentucky.