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A combustion chamber along with its igniters, injectors, and other related apparatus in a jet engine or gas turbine. Also called burner.


(Aeronautics) the combustion system of a jet engine or ramjet, comprising the combustion chamber, the fuel injection apparatus, and the igniter


(kəmˈbʌs tər)

the apparatus in a ramjet or other jet aircraft engine that begins and sustains combustion.


A name generally assigned to the combination of flame holder or stabilizer, igniter, combustion chamber, and injection system of a ramjet or gas turbine.
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The end result was an inspection tool that can be inserted through a spark plug or flame detector port to cover the critical areas in the combustor interior.
The first stage turbine nozzle takes the high-temperature air from the combustor and directs it at the optimum angle into the first-stage turbine blade row," said Bob Ackerman, manager of the GE9O turbine airfoils for the GE90-115 engine.
MSgt Iseminger performed a follow-up review of these corrective actions and discovered that a borescope of the combustor had not been accomplished as the technical data directs.
This award will help fund a new program, which the company expects to launch in the fourth quarter this year, focusing on the design and integration of Xonon into a small, under 15 megawatt (MW), multiple combustor "multi-can" gas turbine.
This municipal solid waste and industrial trash combustor is equipped with a 30-cu yd hydraulic loader and a "flip top" lid that allows it to be loaded with up to 18 tons of waste 28 ft long and 8 ft wide at one time.
Computer simulation helped engineers at Allison Engine Company, Indianapolis, IN, improve the efficiency of a new gas turbine engine by helping to optimize and validate the transition duct design between the compressor, combustor and turbine.
Most turbine engines are produced on an effusion-cooled design which minimizes combustor liner cooling requirements while meeting the combustor wall temperature design limits.
AlliedSignal engineers explain that the LPP combustor burns very lean fuel/air mixtures, resulting in an adiabatic flame temperature below N[O.
The fuel feeding system feeds the pressurized combustor with the mixture by a three-stage set of hoppers connected by valves.
A typical catalytic combustor is a honeycombed ceramic cylinder about six inches in diameter and three inches high.
Once a catalytic combustor reaches its "light-off" point of about 500 degrees, it continues to burn nearly all the smoke passing through it.
Department of Energy to develop a novel gas turbine combustor for a concentrating solar power (CSP) hybrid gas turbine system.