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A combustion chamber along with its igniters, injectors, and other related apparatus in a jet engine or gas turbine. Also called burner.


(Aeronautics) the combustion system of a jet engine or ramjet, comprising the combustion chamber, the fuel injection apparatus, and the igniter


(kəmˈbʌs tər)

the apparatus in a ramjet or other jet aircraft engine that begins and sustains combustion.


A name generally assigned to the combination of flame holder or stabilizer, igniter, combustion chamber, and injection system of a ramjet or gas turbine.
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The freeboard cross-section of this combustor can be considered as two adjacent connected nearly square cross-sections, each about 4.
The Cimarron DehyCombustor combines a BTEX condenser with an EPA certified combustor to eliminate BTEX emissions from glycol dehydration sites.
Firefly is developing one combustor design that will be utilized to power both stages of their small-sat launcher, Firefly Alpha.
Contract notice: Supply of 1 combustor natural gas.
Demand for improved designs with ultra-low pollutant emissions is rapidly moving to the forefront of combustor development.
Recently, the three partners attended the groundbreaking ceremony for a modern, globally unique combustor test facility.
Therefore, a combustible mixture exists in the premixing portion of the injector, and ignition of this mixture prior to entering the combustor must be prevented.
It uses boiler technology, a Rotary Cascading Bed Combustor to produce heat and steam, which will power a Turbine Generator.
Studs, NSN 5307-01-588-8862, are now available to replace the four bolts that currently secure the fuel nozzle to the combustor cover.
In this study we laid out the combustor-retort combined system so that spent shale circulates between retort unit and combustor unit playing a role of a heat carrier.
The two-dimensional axi-symmetric equivalent combustor model[6-8] for the present investigations was designed, using the hydraulic analogy as suggested by Rao and Seshadri [2-5].
Under the leadership of Yiannis Levendis, distinguished professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, a team of undergraduate and graduate engineering students developed a waste combustor, which breaks down non-biodegradable plastics to create an alternative source of fuel.