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A combustion chamber along with its igniters, injectors, and other related apparatus in a jet engine or gas turbine. Also called burner.
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(Aeronautics) the combustion system of a jet engine or ramjet, comprising the combustion chamber, the fuel injection apparatus, and the igniter
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(kəmˈbʌs tər)

the apparatus in a ramjet or other jet aircraft engine that begins and sustains combustion.
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A name generally assigned to the combination of flame holder or stabilizer, igniter, combustion chamber, and injection system of a ramjet or gas turbine.
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Caption: Figure 12: Effect of airflow temperature on the temperature response time at combustor exit.
ENPNewswire-August 19, 2019--'New Combustor Center' for Manufacturing Aero Engine Parts to be Established within MHI's Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works Targets Set on World-class Efficiency
Once a catalytic combustor reaches its "light-off" point of about 500 degrees, it continues to burn nearly all the smoke passing through it.
An important note: Burning wood that has been painted, pressure treated, oiled, or impregnated with creosote can destroy the catalytic combustor. So can artificial logs, colored paper, and chemical chimney cleaners.
Foster Wheeler will design, construct, and erect the boiler; Westinghouse will provide the gas turbine, gasifier filter and alkali removal systems; and LLB Lurgi will provide the PCFB combustor filter, feed system and ash removal system.
The initial air flow accuracy goal for this new system was to reduce air flow variation on combustor liner components to [+ or -]2% of specification.
AlliedSignal engineers explain that the LPP combustor burns very lean fuel/air mixtures, resulting in an adiabatic flame temperature below N[O.sub.x] forming temperatures, while still attaining high combustion efficiency in a small combustor.
Equilibrium studies, employing a 59 kW laboratory-scale combustor, examine the behavior (volatility, particle size, and speciation) of the metal vapors and particles produced by aqueous metal solutions sprayed through a swirling natural gas diffusion flame.
"A great number of gas turbine models in the market today, from the smallest to the largest, employ a multi-can combustor configuration.
This municipal solid waste and industrial trash combustor is equipped with a 30-cu yd hydraulic loader and a "flip top" lid that allows it to be loaded with up to 18 tons of waste 28 ft long and 8 ft wide at one time.
Computer simulation helped engineers at Allison Engine Company, Indianapolis, IN, improve the efficiency of a new gas turbine engine by helping to optimize and validate the transition duct design between the compressor, combustor and turbine.