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Verb1.come after - come after in time, as a result; "A terrible tsunami followed the earthquake"
ensue, result - issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end; "result in tragedy"
postdate, follow - be later in time; "Tuesday always follows Monday"
follow - be next; "Mary plays best, with John and Sue following"
2.come after - be the successor (of); "Carter followed Ford"; "Will Charles succeed to the throne?"
accede, enter - take on duties or office; "accede to the throne"
supercede, supersede, supervene upon, supplant, replace - take the place or move into the position of; "Smith replaced Miller as CEO after Miller left"; "the computer has supplanted the slide rule"; "Mary replaced Susan as the team's captain and the highest-ranked player in the school"
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w>come after

vi +prep obj
(= follow in sequence, be of less importance than)kommen nach; the noun comes after the verbdas Substantiv steht nach or hinter dem Verb
(= pursue)herkommen hinter (+dat)
(= follow later)nachkommen
vi (= follow later)nachkommen
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