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v. passed, pass·ing, pass·es
1. To move on or ahead; proceed: The train passed through fields of wheat.
2. To extend; run: The river passes through our land.
a. To move by or in front of something: The band passed and the crowd cheered.
b. To move past another vehicle: The sports car passed on the right.
4. To gain passage despite obstacles: pass through difficult years.
5. To move past in time; elapse: The days passed quickly.
a. To be transferred from one to another; circulate: The wine passed around the table.
b. Sports To transfer a ball or puck to a teammate.
7. To be communicated or exchanged between persons: Loud words passed in the corridor.
8. To be transferred or conveyed to another by will or deed: The title passed to the older heir.
9. To undergo transition from one condition, form, quality, or characteristic to another: Daylight passed into darkness.
10. To come to an end: My anger suddenly passed. The headache finally passed.
11. To cease to exist; die. Often used with on: The patient passed on during the night.
12. To happen; take place: wanted to know what had passed at the meeting.
a. To be allowed to happen without notice or challenge: Let their rude remarks pass.
b. Sports & Games To decline one's turn to bid, draw, bet, compete, or play.
c. To decline an offer: When we offered him dessert, he passed.
14. To undergo an examination or a trial with favorable results.
a. To serve as a barely acceptable substitute: The spare tire was nearly bald but would pass until we bought a new one.
b. To be accepted as a member of a group by denying one's own ancestry or background.
16. To be approved or adopted: The motion to adjourn passed.
17. Law
a. To make a decision: to pass upon a legal question.
b. To convey property to an heir or heirs: to pass according to the terms of the will.
18. Medicine To be discharged from a bodily part: The patient had a lot of pain when the kidney stone passed.
19. Sports To thrust or lunge in fencing.
a. To go by without stopping; proceed beyond or leave behind: The bus passed a gas station.
b. To go across; go through: We passed the border into Mexico.
2. To allow to go by or elapse; spend: He passed his winter in Vermont.
a. To go by without paying attention to; disregard or ignore: If you pass the new photographs in the collection, you'll miss some outstanding ones.
b. To fail to pay (a dividend).
4. To go beyond; surpass: The inheritance passed my wildest dreams.
a. To undergo (a trial or examination) with favorable results: She passed every test.
b. To cause or allow to go through a trial, test, or examination successfully: The instructor passed all the candidates.
a. To cause to move: We passed our hands over the fabric.
b. To cause to move into a certain position: pass a ribbon around a package.
c. To cause to move as part of a process: pass liquid through a filter.
d. To cause to go by: The sergeant passed his troops before the grandstand.
e. To allow to cross a barrier: The border guard passed the tourists.
f. Baseball To walk (a batter).
g. To maneuver (the bull) by means of a pase in bullfighting.
a. To cause to be transferred from one to another; circulate: They passed the news quickly.
b. To hand over to someone else: Please pass the bread.
c. Sports To transfer (a ball, for example) to a teammate, as by throwing.
d. To cause to be accepted; circulate fraudulently: pass counterfeit money.
e. Law To convey (property) to an heir or heirs: to pass an estate.
8. Medicine To discharge (a waste product, for example) from a bodily part.
9. Medicine To introduce (an instrument) into a bodily cavity.
a. To approve; adopt: The legislature passed the bill.
b. To be sanctioned, ratified, or approved by: The bill passed the House of Representatives.
11. To pronounce; utter: pass judgment; pass sentence on an offender.
1. The act of passing; passage.
2. A way, such as a narrow gap between mountains, that affords passage around, over, or through a barrier.
a. A permit, ticket, or authorization to come and go at will.
b. A free ticket entitling one to transportation or admission.
c. Written leave of absence from military duty.
d. A passing grade, especially when graded using a pass-fail grading system.
a. A sweep or run, as by an aircraft, over or toward an area or target.
b. A single complete cycle of operations, as by a machine or computer program.
5. A condition or situation, often critical in nature; a predicament: contract negotiations that had come to an emotional pass.
6. A sexual invitation or overture: Was he making a pass at her?
7. A motion of the hand or the waving of a wand: The magician made a pass over the hat.
a. Sports A transfer of a ball or puck between teammates.
b. Sports A lunge or thrust in fencing.
c. Baseball A base on balls.
9. Sports & Games A refusal to bid, draw, bet, compete, or play.
10. Games A winning throw of the dice in craps.
11. A pase in bullfighting.
Phrasal Verbs:
pass away
1. To pass out of existence; end.
2. To die.
pass for
To be accepted as or believed to be: You could pass for a teenager. The fake painting passed for an original.
pass off
1. To offer, sell, or put into circulation (an imitation) as genuine: pass off glass as a gemstone.
2. To present (one's self) as other than what one is: tried to pass himself off as a banker.
pass out
To lose consciousness.
pass over
To leave out; disregard.
pass up Informal
To let go by; reject: pass up a chance for promotion; an opportunity too good to pass up.
bring to pass
To cause to happen.
come to pass
To occur.
pass muster
To pass an examination or inspection; measure up to a given standard.
pass (one's) lips
1. To be eaten or drunk.
2. To issue or be spoken: Rumors never passed her lips.
pass the hat
To take up a collection of money.
pass the time of day
To exchange greetings or engage in pleasantries.
pass the torch
To relinquish (responsibilities, for example) to another or others.

[Middle English passen, from Old French passer, from Vulgar Latin passāre, from Latin passus, step; see pace1.]

pass′er n.
Usage Note: The past tense and past participle of pass is passed: They passed (or have passed) our home. Time had passed slowly. Past is the corresponding adjective (in centuries past), adverb (drove past), preposition (past midnight), and noun (lived in the past).
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1. to go onwards or move by or past (a person, thing, etc)
2. to run, extend, or lead through, over, or across (a place): the route passes through the city.
3. to go through or cause to go through (an obstacle or barrier): to pass a needle through cloth.
4. to move or cause to move onwards or over: he passed his hand over her face.
5. (tr) to go beyond or exceed: this victory passes all expectation.
6. (Education) to gain or cause to gain an adequate or required mark, grade, or rating in (an examination, course, etc): the examiner passed them all.
7. (often foll by: away or by) to elapse or allow to elapse: we passed the time talking.
8. pass the time of day with someone to spend time amicably with someone, esp in chatting, with no particular purpose
9. (intr) to take place or happen: what passed at the meeting?.
10. to speak or exchange or be spoken or exchanged: angry words passed between them.
11. to spread or cause to spread: we passed the news round the class.
12. to transfer or exchange or be transferred or exchanged: the bomb passed from hand to hand.
13. (intr) to undergo change or transition: to pass from joy to despair.
14. (Law) (when: tr, often foll by down) to transfer or be transferred by inheritance: the house passed to the younger son.
15. (Law) to agree to or sanction or to be agreed to or receive the sanction of a legislative body, person of authority, etc: the assembly passed 10 resolutions.
16. (Law) (tr) (of a legislative measure) to undergo (a procedural stage) and be agreed: the bill passed the committee stage.
17. (Law) (when: tr, often foll by on or upon) to pronounce or deliver (judgment, findings, etc): the court passed sentence.
18. to go or allow to go without comment or censure: the intended insult passed unnoticed.
19. (Card Games) (intr) to opt not to exercise a right, as by not answering a question or not making a bid or a play in card games
20. (Physiology) physiol to discharge (urine, faeces, etc) from the body
21. (Physiology) pass water to urinate
22. (intr) to come to an end or disappear: his anger soon passed.
23. (intr; usually foll by for or as) to be likely to be mistaken for or accepted as (someone or something else): you could easily pass for your sister.
24. (Biology) (intr; foll by away, on, or over) a euphemism for die11
25. (Banking & Finance) (tr) chiefly US to fail to declare (a dividend)
26. (Law) (intr; usually foll by on or upon) chiefly US (of a court, jury, etc) to sit in judgment; adjudicate
27. (Ball Games, other than specified) sport to hit, kick, or throw (the ball) to another player
28. bring to pass archaic to cause to happen
29. come to pass to happen
30. the act of passing
31. (Physical Geography)
a. a route through a range of mountains where the summit is lower or where there is a gap between peaks
b. (capital as part of a name): the Simplon Pass.
32. (Physical Geography) a way through any difficult region
33. (Law) a permit, licence, or authorization to do something without restriction: she has a pass to visit the museum on Sundays.
34. (Military)
a. a document allowing entry to and exit from a military installation
b. a document authorizing leave of absence
35. (Education)
a. the passing of a college or university examination to a satisfactory standard but not as high as honours
b. (as modifier): a pass degree. Compare honours2
36. (Aeronautics) a dive, sweep, or bombing or landing run by an aircraft
37. (Theatre) a motion of the hand or of a wand as a prelude to or part of a conjuring trick
38. informal an attempt, in words or action, to invite sexual intimacy (esp in the phrase make a pass at)
39. a state of affairs or condition, esp a bad or difficult one (esp in the phrase a pretty pass)
40. (Ball Games, other than specified) sport the transfer of a ball from one player to another
41. (Fencing) fencing a thrust or lunge with a sword
42. (Bridge) bridge the act of passing (making no bid)
43. (Bullfighting) bullfighting a variant of pase
44. archaic a witty sally or remark
(Bridge) bridge a call indicating that a player has no bid to make
[C13: from Old French passer to pass, surpass, from Latin passūs step, pace1]
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(pæs, pɑs)

1. to move past; go by: to pass a car on the road.
2. to let go without notice, action, etc.; disregard.
3. to cause or allow to go through a barrier, obstacle, etc.: The guard passed the visitor.
4. to go across or over (a stream, threshold, etc.); cross.
5. to endure or undergo.
6. to undergo or complete successfully: to pass an examination.
7. to cause or permit (a person) to complete an examination, course of study, etc., successfully.
8. to go beyond (a point, degree, stage, etc.); surpass.
9. to cause to go or move onward: to pass a rope through a hole.
10. to cause to go or march by: to pass troops in review.
11. to allow to elapse or slip by; spend: How did you pass the time?
12. to cause to circulate or spread: to pass rumors.
13. to cause to be accepted or received: to pass bad checks.
14. to convey from one person to another.
15. to discharge or void from the body.
16. to sanction or approve, esp. by vote: Congress passed the bill.
17. to obtain the approval or sanction of: The bill passed the Senate.
18. to express; pronounce: to pass judgment.
19. to omit the usual or regular payment of (a dividend).
20. to make a passing shot against (an opponent in tennis).
21. to transfer (a ball or puck) to a teammate.
22. (in feats of magic) to perform a pass on.
23. to pledge.
24. to go or move onward; proceed.
25. to come to or toward, then go beyond: to pass through town.
26. to go away; depart: The feeling will pass.
27. to elapse: The day passed quickly.
28. to come to an end: The crisis soon passed.
29. to die (often fol. by away or on).
30. to take place; happen; occur.
31. to go by or move past.
32. to go about or circulate.
33. to serve as a marginally acceptable substitute: The copy isn't very good but it will pass.
34. to live or be known as a member of a racial or ethnic group other than one's own, esp. to live and be known as a white person though having some black ancestry.
35. to be transferred: The crown passed to the king's nephew.
36. to be interchanged: Sharp words passed between them.
37. to undergo transition or conversion: to pass from a solid to a liquid state.
38. to go or get through a barrier, test, etc., successfully.
39. to go unheeded or unchallenged: I let the insult pass.
40. to express or pronounce an opinion or judgment: Will you pass on the authenticity of this drawing?
41. to be voided, as excrement or a kidney stone.
42. to obtain the approval or sanction of a legislative body, committee, or the like.
43. to make a pass, as in football or ice hockey.
44. Cards.
a. to forgo one's opportunity to bid.
b. to throw in one's hand.
45. (in fencing) to thrust.
46. pass for, to be accepted as; be considered: material that passed for silk.
47. pass off,
a. to present, offer, or sell by fraud or deceit.
b. to cause to be accepted under a false identity: He passed himself off as a doctor.
c. to continue to completion; occur: The meeting passed off without incident.
48. pass out, to faint.
49. pass over, to disregard; ignore.
50. pass up, to refuse or neglect to take advantage of, as an opportunity.
51. an act of passing.
52. a narrow route across a low notch or depression in a mountain barrier.
53. a road, channel, or other means of passage, as through an obstructed region.
54. a permission or license to pass, go, come, or enter.
55. written permission given a soldier to be absent briefly from a station.
56. a free ticket or permit.
57. a particular stage or state of affairs: The situation came to a dreadful pass.
58. a single movement, effort, etc.: We made a pass at the enemy airfield.
59. a gesture, action, or remark that is intended to be sexually inviting: He made a pass at her.
60. a jab with the arm, esp. one that misses its mark.
61. the transfer of a ball or puck from one teammate to another.
63. Cards. the act or statement of not bidding or raising another bid.
64. (in feats of magic)
a. a passing of the hand over, along, or before anything.
b. the transference or changing of objects by or as if by sleight of hand; a manipulation.
65. pase.
66. a thrust or lunge made in fencing.
1. bring to pass, to cause to happen; bring about.
2. come to pass, to happen; occur.
3. pass the time of day, to chat.
[1175–1225; Middle English < Old French passer < Vulgar Latin *passāre, derivative of Latin passus step, pace1]


1. passenger.
2. passim.
3. passive.
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1. A short tactical run or dive by an aircraft at a target.
2. A single sweep through or within firing range of an enemy air formation.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.


The verb pass is used with several different meanings.

1. movement

If you pass someone or something, you go past them.

We passed the New Hotel.
They stood aside to let him pass.

If you pass something to someone or pass someone something, you take it in your hand and give it to them.

She passed me her glass.
I passed the picture to Lia so she could see it.
2. time

If you pass time in a particular way, you spend it doing something.

They passed the time until dinner talking and playing cards.
3. tests and exams

If you pass a test or exam, you are successful in it.

I passed my driving test on my first attempt.
If you pass, you can go to college.

Be Careful!
Don't use 'pass' to say that someone has completed a test or exam, without mentioning the result. Say that they have taken it.

I'm taking my driving test next week.
Where did she take her degree?


1. 'spend'

If someone does something from the beginning to the end of a period of time, you say that they spend the period of time doing it.

We spent the evening talking about art.
I was planning to spend all day writing.

Be Careful!
Don't say that someone spends a period of time 'in doing', 'on doing', or 'to do' something. Don't say, for example, 'We spent the evening in talking about art'.

If someone is in a place from the beginning to the end of a period of time, you can say that they spend the time there.

He spent most of his time in the library.
We found a hotel where we could spend the night.

You can say that someone spends a period of time in another person's company.

I spent an evening with David.
2. 'pass'

You don't usually say that you 'pass time' doing something. Don't say, for example, 'We passed the evening talking about art'.

However, if you do something to occupy yourself while you are waiting for something, you say that you do it to pass the time.

He had brought a book along to pass the time.
To pass the time they played games.
3. 'have'

If you enjoy yourself while you are doing something, don't say that you 'pass' or 'spend' a good time. Say that you have a good time.

The kids are having a good time on the beach.
We had a wonderful time visiting our friends.
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Past participle: passed
Gerund: passing

I pass
you pass
he/she/it passes
we pass
you pass
they pass
I passed
you passed
he/she/it passed
we passed
you passed
they passed
Present Continuous
I am passing
you are passing
he/she/it is passing
we are passing
you are passing
they are passing
Present Perfect
I have passed
you have passed
he/she/it has passed
we have passed
you have passed
they have passed
Past Continuous
I was passing
you were passing
he/she/it was passing
we were passing
you were passing
they were passing
Past Perfect
I had passed
you had passed
he/she/it had passed
we had passed
you had passed
they had passed
I will pass
you will pass
he/she/it will pass
we will pass
you will pass
they will pass
Future Perfect
I will have passed
you will have passed
he/she/it will have passed
we will have passed
you will have passed
they will have passed
Future Continuous
I will be passing
you will be passing
he/she/it will be passing
we will be passing
you will be passing
they will be passing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been passing
you have been passing
he/she/it has been passing
we have been passing
you have been passing
they have been passing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been passing
you will have been passing
he/she/it will have been passing
we will have been passing
you will have been passing
they will have been passing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been passing
you had been passing
he/she/it had been passing
we had been passing
you had been passing
they had been passing
I would pass
you would pass
he/she/it would pass
we would pass
you would pass
they would pass
Past Conditional
I would have passed
you would have passed
he/she/it would have passed
we would have passed
you would have passed
they would have passed
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To pass ingredients through a strainer or sieve.
Dictionary of Unfamiliar Words by Diagram Group Copyright © 2008 by Diagram Visual Information Limited
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.pass - (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four ballspass - (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls; "he worked the pitcher for a base on balls"
accomplishment, achievement - the action of accomplishing something
baseball, baseball game - a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs; "he played baseball in high school"; "there was a baseball game on every empty lot"; "there was a desire for National League ball in the area"; "play ball!"
2.pass - (military) a written leave of absence; "he had a pass for three days"
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
leave, leave of absence - the period of time during which you are absent from work or duty; "a ten day's leave to visit his mother"
3.pass - (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammatepass - (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate; "the coach sent in a passing play on third and long"
American football, American football game - a game played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field 100 yards long; teams try to get possession of the ball and advance it across the opponents goal line in a series of (running or passing) plays
football play - (American football) a play by the offensive team
aerial, forward pass - a pass to a receiver downfield from the passer
lateral, lateral pass - a pass to a receiver upfield from the passer
spot pass - a pass to a designated spot on the field; the receiver should arrive at that spot the same time the ball does
4.pass - the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peakspass - the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks; "we got through the pass before it started to snow"
location - a point or extent in space
col, gap - a pass between mountain peaks
defile, gorge - a narrow pass (especially one between mountains)
chain of mountains, mountain chain, mountain range, range of mountains, range, chain - a series of hills or mountains; "the valley was between two ranges of hills"; "the plains lay just beyond the mountain range"
saddleback, saddle - a pass or ridge that slopes gently between two peaks (is shaped like a saddle)
5.pass - any authorization to pass or go somewherepass - any authorization to pass or go somewhere; "the pass to visit had a strict time limit"
permission - approval to do something; "he asked permission to leave"
safe-conduct, safeguard - a document or escort providing safe passage through a region especially in time of war
6.pass - a document indicating permission to do something without restrictions; "the media representatives had special passes"
permission - approval to do something; "he asked permission to leave"
boarding card, boarding pass - a pass that allows you to board a ship or plane
hall pass - written permission from a teacher for a student to be out the classroom and in the halls of the school
ticket-of-leave - a permit formerly given to convicts allowing them to leave prison under specific restrictions
7.pass - a flight or run by an aircraft over a target; "the plane turned to make a second pass"
flying, flight - an instance of traveling by air; "flying was still an exciting adventure for him"
8.pass - a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs
desperate straits, dire straits - a state of extreme distress
situation - a complex or critical or unusual difficulty; "the dangerous situation developed suddenly"; "that's quite a situation"; "no human situation is simple"
9.pass - a difficult juncture; "a pretty pass"; "matters came to a head yesterday"
juncture, occasion - an event that occurs at a critical time; "at such junctures he always had an impulse to leave"; "it was needed only on special occasions"
10.pass - one complete cycle of operations (as by a computer); "it was not possible to complete the computation in a single pass"
oscillation, cycle - a single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon; "a year constitutes a cycle of the seasons"
11.pass - you advance to the next round in a tournament without playing an opponent; "he had a bye in the first round"
conceding, concession, yielding - the act of conceding or yielding
12.pass - a permit to enter or leave a military installation; "he had to show his pass in order to get out"
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
13.pass - a complimentary ticket; "the star got passes for his family"
ticket - a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment)
14.pass - a usually brief attempt; "he took a crack at it"; "I gave it a whirl"
attempt, effort, try, endeavor, endeavour - earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something; "made an effort to cover all the reading material"; "wished him luck in his endeavor"; "she gave it a good try"
15.pass - (sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your teampass - (sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your team; "the pass was fumbled"
throw - the act of throwing (propelling something with a rapid movement of the arm and wrist); "the catcher made a good throw to second base"
centering, snap - (American football) putting the ball in play by passing it (between the legs) to a back; "the quarterback fumbled the snap"
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
16.pass - success in satisfying a test or requirement; "his future depended on his passing that test"; "he got a pass in introductory chemistry"
success - an attainment that is successful; "his success in the marathon was unexpected"; "his new play was a great success"
Verb1.pass - go across or through; "We passed the point where the police car had parked"; "A terrible thought went through his mind"
break through, crack - pass through (a barrier); "Registrations cracked through the 30,000 mark in the county"
squeak through, squeak by - escape; "She squeaked by me"
go, locomote, move, travel - change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically; "How fast does your new car go?"; "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus"; "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect"; "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell"; "news travelled fast"
transit - pass across (a sign or house of the zodiac) or pass across (the disk of a celestial body or the meridian of a place); "The comet will transit on September 11"
cross, cut across, cut through, get over, traverse, pass over, get across, track, cover - travel across or pass over; "The caravan covered almost 100 miles each day"
pass through, infiltrate - pass through an enemy line; in a military conflict
run - cover by running; run a certain distance; "She ran 10 miles that day"
move through, pass across, pass through, transit, pass over - make a passage or journey from one place to another; "The tourists moved through the town and bought up all the souvenirs;" "Some travelers pass through the desert"
cut - pass directly and often in haste; "We cut through the neighbor's yard to get home sooner"
crash - move violently as through a barrier; "The terrorists crashed the gate"
muscle - make one's way by force; "He muscled his way into the office"
overstep, transgress, trespass - pass beyond (limits or boundaries)
negotiate, negociate - succeed in passing through, around, or over; "The hiker negociated the high mountain pass"
lock - pass by means through a lock in a waterway
work, make - proceed along a path; "work one's way through the crowd"; "make one's way into the forest"
cycle - pass through a cycle; "This machine automatically cycles"
blunder, fumble - make one's way clumsily or blindly; "He fumbled towards the door"
pass over, skip, skip over, jump - bypass; "He skipped a row in the text and so the sentence was incomprehensible"
cross, cut across, cut through, get over, traverse, pass over, get across, track, cover - travel across or pass over; "The caravan covered almost 100 miles each day"
move through, pass across, pass through, transit, pass over - make a passage or journey from one place to another; "The tourists moved through the town and bought up all the souvenirs;" "Some travelers pass through the desert"
2.pass - move pastpass - move past; "A black limousine passed by when she looked out the window"; "He passed his professor in the hall"; "One line of soldiers surpassed the other"
go, locomote, move, travel - change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically; "How fast does your new car go?"; "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus"; "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect"; "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell"; "news travelled fast"
skirt - pass around or about; move along the border; "The boat skirted the coast"
run by - pass by while running; "We watched children were running by"
fly by - pass by while flying; "An enemy plane flew by"
whisk by, zip by, fly by - move by very quickly
3.pass - make laws, bills, etc. or bring into effect by legislation; "They passed the amendment"; "We cannot legislate how people spend their free time"
enact, ordain - order by virtue of superior authority; decree; "The King ordained the persecution and expulsion of the Jews"; "the legislature enacted this law in 1985"
4.pass - pass by; "three years elapsed"
advance, march on, move on, progress, pass on, go on - move forward, also in the metaphorical sense; "Time marches on"
fell, vanish, fly - pass away rapidly; "Time flies like an arrow"; "Time fleeing beneath him"
5.pass - place into the hands or custody ofpass - place into the hands or custody of; "hand me the spoon, please"; "Turn the files over to me, please"; "He turned over the prisoner to his lawyers"
give - leave with; give temporarily; "Can I give you my keys while I go in the pool?"; "Can I give you the children for the weekend?"
transfer - cause to change ownership; "I transferred my stock holdings to my children"
sneak, slip - pass on stealthily; "He slipped me the key when nobody was looking"
deal - give (a specific card) to a player; "He dealt me the Queen of Spades"
fork out, fork over, fork up, hand over, turn in, deliver, render - to surrender someone or something to another; "the guard delivered the criminal to the police"; "render up the prisoners"; "render the town to the enemy"; "fork over the money"
relinquish, resign, give up, release, free - part with a possession or right; "I am relinquishing my bedroom to the long-term house guest"; "resign a claim to the throne"
entrust, intrust, confide, commit, trust - confer a trust upon; "The messenger was entrusted with the general's secret"; "I commit my soul to God"
entrust, leave - put into the care or protection of someone; "He left the decision to his deputy"; "leave your child the nurse's care"
communicate, pass along, put across, pass on, pass - transmit information ; "Please communicate this message to all employees"; "pass along the good news"
pass on - give to or transfer possession of; "She passed the family jewels on to her daughter-in-law"
impart, pass on, give, leave - transmit (knowledge or skills); "give a secret to the Russians"; "leave your name and address here"; "impart a new skill to the students"
relegate, submit, pass on - refer to another person for decision or judgment; "She likes to relegate difficult questions to her colleagues"
6.pass - stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point; "Service runs all the way to Cranbury"; "His knowledge doesn't go very far"; "My memory extends back to my fourth year of life"; "The facts extend beyond a consideration of her personal assets"
be - occupy a certain position or area; be somewhere; "Where is my umbrella?" "The toolshed is in the back"; "What is behind this behavior?"
come - extend or reach; "The water came up to my waist"; "The sleeves come to your knuckles"
ray, radiate - extend or spread outward from a center or focus or inward towards a center; "spokes radiate from the hub of the wheel"; "This plants radiate spines in all directions"
range, run - change or be different within limits; "Estimates for the losses in the earthquake range as high as $2 billion"; "Interest rates run from 5 to 10 percent"; "The instruments ranged from tuba to cymbals"; "My students range from very bright to dull"
go deep, go far - extend in importance or range; "His accomplishments go far"
7.pass - travel past; "The sports car passed all the trucks"
advance, march on, move on, progress, pass on, go on - move forward, also in the metaphorical sense; "Time marches on"
get by - pass or move in front of; "Bride's Biscuit got by the other dogs to win the race"
top, clear - pass by, over, or under without making contact; "the balloon cleared the tree tops"
8.pass - come to pass; "What is happening?"; "The meeting took place off without an incidence"; "Nothing occurred that seemed important"
recrudesce, develop, break - happen; "Report the news as it develops"; "These political movements recrudesce from time to time"
come up, arise - result or issue; "A slight unpleasantness arose from this discussion"
result - come about or follow as a consequence; "nothing will result from this meeting"
intervene - occur between other event or between certain points of time; "the war intervened between the birth of her two children"
transpire - come about, happen, or occur; "Several important events transpired last week"
give - occur; "what gives?"
operate - happen; "What is going on in the minds of the people?"
supervene - take place as an additional or unexpected development
proceed, go - follow a certain course; "The inauguration went well"; "how did your interview go?"
come - come to pass; arrive, as in due course; "The first success came three days later"; "It came as a shock"; "Dawn comes early in June"
fall - occur at a specified time or place; "Christmas falls on a Monday this year"; "The accent falls on the first syllable"
anticipate - be a forerunner of or occur earlier than; "This composition anticipates Impressionism"
develop - be gradually disclosed or unfolded; become manifest; "The plot developed slowly";
recur, repeat - happen or occur again; "This is a recurring story"
come off, go over, go off - happen in a particular manner; "how did your talk go over?"
roll around, come around - happen regularly; "Christmas rolled around again"
materialise, materialize, happen - come into being; become reality; "Her dream really materialized"
bechance, befall, happen - happen, occur, or be the case in the course of events or by chance; "It happens that today is my birthday"; "These things befell" (Santayana)
bechance, befall, betide - become of; happen to; "He promised that no harm would befall her"; "What has become of my children?"
coincide, concur - happen simultaneously; "The two events coincided"
backfire, backlash, recoil - come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect; "Your comments may backfire and cause you a lot of trouble"
chance - be the case by chance; "I chanced to meet my old friend in the street"
break - happen or take place; "Things have been breaking pretty well for us in the past few months"
fall, shine, strike - touch or seem as if touching visually or audibly; "Light fell on her face"; "The sun shone on the fields"; "The light struck the golden necklace"; "A strange sound struck my ears"
turn out - prove to be in the result or end; "It turns out that he was right"
contemporise, contemporize, synchronise, synchronize - happen at the same time
9.pass - go unchallenged; be approved; "The bill cleared the House"
clear - pass an inspection or receive authorization; "clear customs"
bring home the bacon, deliver the goods, succeed, win, come through - attain success or reach a desired goal; "The enterprise succeeded"; "We succeeded in getting tickets to the show"; "she struggled to overcome her handicap and won"
10.pass - pass time in a specific way; "how are you spending your summer vacation?"
soldier - serve as a soldier in the military
slum - spend time at a lower socio-economic level than one's own, motivated by curiosity or desire for adventure; usage considered condescending and insensitive; "attending a motion picture show by the upper class was considered sluming in the early 20th century"
weekend - spend the weekend
holiday, vacation - spend or take a vacation
serve, do - spend time in prison or in a labor camp; "He did six years for embezzlement"
while away, get through - spend or pass, as with boredom or in a pleasant manner; of time
sojourn - spend a certain length of time; reside temporarily
overwinter, winter - spend the winter; "We wintered on the Riviera"; "Shackleton's men overwintered on Elephant Island"
summer - spend the summer; "We summered in Kashmir"
11.pass - pass over, across, or through; "He ran his eyes over her body"; "She ran her fingers along the carved figurine"; "He drew her hair through his fingers"
rub - move over something with pressure; "rub my hands"; "rub oil into her skin"
string, thread, draw - thread on or as if on a string; "string pearls on a string"; "the child drew glass beads on a string"; "thread dried cranberries"
thread - pass through or into; "thread tape"; "thread film"
thread - pass a thread through; "thread a needle"
lead, run - cause something to pass or lead somewhere; "Run the wire behind the cabinet"
disseminate, pass around, circulate, diffuse, broadcast, circularise, circularize, spread, disperse, propagate, distribute - cause to become widely known; "spread information"; "circulate a rumor"; "broadcast the news"
wipe, pass over - rub with a circular motion; "wipe the blackboard"; "He passed his hands over the soft cloth"
12.pass - transmit information ; "Please communicate this message to all employees"; "pass along the good news"
implant, plant - put firmly in the mind; "Plant a thought in the students' minds"
send a message - give or constitute a signal, not necessarily verbally; "The lack of good teachers sends a strong message to all parents in the community"
relay - pass along; "Please relay the news to the villagers"
get across, put over - communicate successfully; "I couldn't get across the message"; "He put over the idea very well"
call for, request, bespeak, quest - express the need or desire for; ask for; "She requested an extra bed in her room"; "She called for room service"
receipt, acknowledge - report the receipt of; "The program committee acknowledged the submission of the authors of the paper"
carry - pass on a communication; "The news was carried to every village in the province"
render, deliver, return - pass down; "render a verdict"; "deliver a judgment"
message - send as a message; "She messaged the final report by fax"
message - send a message to; "She messaged the committee"
transmit, communicate, convey - transfer to another; "communicate a disease"
13.pass - disappear gradually; "The pain eventually passed off"
disappear, vanish, go away - get lost, as without warning or explanation; "He disappeared without a trace"
14.pass - go successfully through a test or a selection processpass - go successfully through a test or a selection process; "She passed the new Jersey Bar Exam and can practice law now"
ace, breeze through, pass with flying colors, sail through, sweep through, nail - succeed at easily; "She sailed through her exams"; "You will pass with flying colors"; "She nailed her astrophysics course"
bring home the bacon, deliver the goods, succeed, win, come through - attain success or reach a desired goal; "The enterprise succeeded"; "We succeeded in getting tickets to the show"; "she struggled to overcome her handicap and won"
flunk, flush it, bomb, fail - fail to get a passing grade; "She studied hard but failed nevertheless"; "Did I fail the test?"
15.pass - be superior or better than some standard; "She exceeded our expectations"; "She topped her performance of last year"
excel, surpass, stand out - distinguish oneself; "She excelled in math"
16.pass - accept or judge as acceptable; "The teacher passed the student although he was weak"
pass judgment, evaluate, judge - form a critical opinion of; "I cannot judge some works of modern art"; "How do you evaluate this grant proposal?" "We shouldn't pass judgment on other people"
fail - judge unacceptable; "The teacher failed six students"
17.pass - allow to go without comment or censure; "the insult passed as if unnoticed"
allow, let, permit - make it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen; "This permits the water to rush in"; "This sealed door won't allow the water come into the basement"; "This will permit the rain to run off"
18.pass - transfer to another; of rights or property; "Our house passed under his official control"
change - undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature; "She changed completely as she grew older"; "The weather changed last night"
19.pass - pass into a specified state or condition; "He sank into nirvana"
move - go or proceed from one point to another; "the debate moved from family values to the economy"
20.pass - throw (a ball) to another player; "Smith passed"
throw - propel through the air; "throw a frisbee"
21.pass - be inherited by; "The estate fell to my sister"; "The land returned to the family"; "The estate devolved to an heir that everybody had assumed to be dead"
change hands, change owners - be transferred to another owner; "This restaurant changed hands twice last year"
light, fall - fall to somebody by assignment or lot; "The task fell to me"; "It fell to me to notify the parents of the victims"
accrue, fall - come into the possession of; "The house accrued to the oldest son"
22.pass - cause to passpass - cause to pass; "She passed around the plates"
cycle - cause to go through a recurring sequence; "cycle the laundry in this washing program"
pass off - cause to be circulated and accepted in a false character or identity; "She passed the glass off as diamonds"; "He passed himself off as a secret agent"
pass through - cause to move through; "Pass a chemical through a solution"
lead, run - cause something to pass or lead somewhere; "Run the wire behind the cabinet"
23.pass - grant authorization or clearance forpass - grant authorization or clearance for; "Clear the manuscript for publication"; "The rock star never authorized this slanderous biography"
countenance, permit, allow, let - consent to, give permission; "She permitted her son to visit her estranged husband"; "I won't let the police search her basement"; "I cannot allow you to see your exam"
approbate - approve or sanction officially
certificate - authorize by certificate
approve, O.K., okay, sanction - give sanction to; "I approve of his educational policies"
declare - authorize payments of; "declare dividends"
licence, license, certify - authorize officially; "I am licensed to practice law in this state"
commission - charge with a task
validate, formalise, formalize - declare or make legally valid
24.pass - pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain lifepass - pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life; "She died from cancer"; "The children perished in the fire"; "The patient went peacefully"; "The old guy kicked the bucket at the age of 102"
abort - cease development, die, and be aborted; "an aborting fetus"
change state, turn - undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election"
asphyxiate, stifle, suffocate - be asphyxiated; die from lack of oxygen; "The child suffocated under the pillow"
buy it, pip out - be killed or die;
drown - die from being submerged in water, getting water into the lungs, and asphyxiating; "The child drowned in the lake"
predecease - die before; die earlier than; "She predeceased her husband"
conk out, go bad, break down, die, fail, give out, give way, break, go - stop operating or functioning; "The engine finally went"; "The car died on the road"; "The bus we travelled in broke down on the way to town"; "The coffee maker broke"; "The engine failed on the way to town"; "her eyesight went after the accident"
starve, famish - die of food deprivation; "The political prisoners starved to death"; "Many famished in the countryside during the drought"
die - suffer or face the pain of death; "Martyrs may die every day for their faith"
fall - die, as in battle or in a hunt; "Many soldiers fell at Verdun"; "Several deer have fallen to the same gun"; "The shooting victim fell dead"
succumb, yield - be fatally overwhelmed
25.pass - eliminate from the body; "Pass a kidney stone"
perspire, sudate, sweat - excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin; "Exercise makes one sweat"
exudate, exude, ooze out, transude, ooze - release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities; "exude sweat through the pores"
make water, micturate, pass water, pee, pee-pee, relieve oneself, spend a penny, take a leak, wee, wee-wee, urinate, piddle, puddle, make - eliminate urine; "Again, the cat had made on the expensive rug"
urinate - pass after the manner of urine; "The sick men urinated blood"
void, empty, evacuate - excrete or discharge from the body
ca-ca, crap, defecate, take a crap, stool, make - have a bowel movement; "The dog had made in the flower beds"
barf, be sick, puke, regorge, retch, sick, throw up, upchuck, vomit, vomit up, disgorge, cat, spue, spew, regurgitate, chuck, honk, purge, cast - eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth; "After drinking too much, the students vomited"; "He purged continuously"; "The patient regurgitated the food we gave him last night"
eject, expel, release, exhaust, discharge - eliminate (a substance); "combustion products are exhausted in the engine"; "the plant releases a gas"
Adj.1.pass - of advancing the ball by throwing it; "a team with a good passing attack"; "a pass play"
football, football game - any of various games played with a ball (round or oval) in which two teams try to kick or carry or propel the ball into each other's goal
running - of advancing the ball by running; "the team's running plays worked better than its pass plays"
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1. go by or past, overtake, drive past, lap, leave behind, cut up (informal), pull ahead of A car passed me going quite fast.
go by or past stop, halt, pause, cease, bring or come to a standstill
2. go, move, travel, roll, progress, flow, proceed, move onwards He passed through the doorway to ward B.
3. run, move, stroke He passed a hand through her hair.
4. give, hand, send, throw, exchange, transfer, deliver, toss, transmit, convey, chuck (informal), let someone have He passed the books to the librarian.
5. be left, come, be bequeathed, be inherited by His mother's estate passed to him after her death.
6. kick, hit, loft, head, lob Their team passed the ball better than ours did.
7. elapse, progress, go by, lapse, wear on, go past, tick by As the years passed, he grew discontented with his marriage.
8. end, go, die, disappear, fade, cease, vanish, dissolve, expire, terminate, dwindle, evaporate, wane, ebb, melt away, blow over This crisis will pass eventually. Her feelings lightened as the storm passed.
9. spend, use (up), kill, fill, waste, employ, occupy, devote, beguile, while away The children passed the time playing in the streets.
10. exceed, beat, overtake, go beyond, excel, surpass, transcend, outstrip, outdo, surmount They were the first company in their field to pass the £2 billion turnover mark.
11. be successful in, qualify (in), succeed (in), graduate (in), get through, do, pass muster (in), come up to scratch (in) (informal), gain a pass in Kevin has just passed his driving test.
be successful in fail, be unsuccessful in, lose, be inferior to, be inadequate in, come a cropper in (informal), suffer defeat in
12. approve, accept, establish, adopt, sanction, decree, enact, authorize, ratify, ordain, validate, legislate (for) The Senate passed the bill by a vote of seventy-three to twenty-four.
approve refuse, ban, reject, veto, prohibit, overrule, disallow, invalidate
13. pronounce, deliver, issue, set forth Passing sentence, the judge described the crime as odious.
14. utter, speak, voice, express, declare We passed a few remarks about the weather.
15. discharge, release, expel, evacuate, emit, let out, eliminate (rare) The first symptom is extreme pain when passing urine.
1. licence, ticket, permit, permission, passport, warrant, identification, identity card, authorization Can I see your boarding pass, please?
2. gap, route, canyon, col, gorge, ravine, defile The monastery is in a remote mountain pass.
3. predicament, condition, situation, state, stage, pinch, plight, straits, state of affairs, juncture Things have come to a pretty pass when people are afraid to go out after dark.
come to pass (Old-fashioned) happen, develop, occur, take place, come up, fall out, roll up, befall Everything I said about the game came to pass that night.
let something pass ignore, overlook, neglect, not heed I could not let the remark pass.
make a pass at someone make advances to, proposition, hit on (U.S. & Canad. slang), come on to (informal), make a play for (informal), make an approach to, make sexual overtures to Was he just being friendly, or was he making a pass at her?
pass as or for something or someone be mistaken for, be taken for, impersonate, be accepted as, be regarded as He was trying to pass as one of the locals.
pass away or on (Euphemistic) die, pass on, depart (this life), buy it (U.S. slang), expire, check out (U.S. slang), pass over, kick it (slang), croak (slang), go belly-up (slang), snuff it (informal), peg out (informal), kick the bucket (slang), buy the farm (U.S. slang), peg it (informal), decease, shuffle off this mortal coil, cark it (Austral. & N.Z. informal), pop your clogs (informal) He unfortunately passed away last year.
pass by go past, pass, move past, walk by or past He gave me a nod as he passed by. I passed by your house last night.
pass off
1. take place, happen, occur, turn out, go down (U.S. & Canad.), be completed, go off, fall out, be finished, pan out The event passed off without any major incidents.
2. come to an end, disappear, vanish, die away, fade out or away The effects of the anaesthetic gradually passed off.
pass out (Informal) faint, drop, black out (informal), swoon (literary), lose consciousness, keel over (informal), flake out (informal), become unconscious She got drunk and passed out.
pass someone over overlook, ignore, discount, pass by, disregard, not consider, take no notice of, not take into consideration, pay not attention to She claimed she was repeatedly passed over for promotion.
pass something or someone off as something or someone misrepresent as, palm something or someone off as, falsely represent as, disguise something or someone as, dress something or someone up as horse meat being passed off as ground beef
pass something out hand out, distribute, dole out, deal out They were passing out leaflets in the street.
pass something over disregard, forget, ignore, skip, omit, pass by, not dwell on Let's pass over that subject.
pass something up (Informal) miss, ignore, let slip, refuse, decline, reject, neglect, forgo, abstain from, let (something) go by, give (something) a miss (informal) It's too good a chance to pass up.
pass yourself off as someone pretend to be, fake being, feign being, make a pretence of being He tried to pass himself off as a doctor.
Usage: The past participle of pass is sometimes wrongly spelt past: the time for recriminations has passed (not past).
Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002


1. To move along a particular course:
2. To make or go on a journey:
Idiom: hit the road.
3. To catch up with and move past:
4. To be greater or better than:
Informal: beat.
5. To go across:
6. To move past in time:
elapse, go (by), lapse.
7. To cause to be transferred from one to another:
convey, hand (over), transmit.
9. To cause (a disease) to pass to another or others:
10. To come as by lot or inheritance:
11. To convey (something) from one generation to the next.Along or on:
12. To move toward a termination:
13. To cease living.Also used with on:
Informal: pop off.
Idioms: bite the dust, breathe one's last, cash in, give up the ghost, go to one's grave, kick the bucket, meet one's end, pass on to the Great Beyond, turn up one's toes.
15. To use time in a particular way:
16. To go through (life) in a certain way:
17. To represent oneself in a given character or as other than what one is:
Idiom: pass oneself off as.
18. To be accepted or approved:
19. To accept officially:
phrasal verb
pass away
1. To move toward a termination:
2. To cease living:
Informal: pop off.
Idioms: bite the dust, breathe one's last, cash in, give up the ghost, go to one's grave, kick the bucket, meet one's end, pass on to the Great Beyond, turn up one's toes.
phrasal verb
pass off
To offer or put into circulation (an inferior or spurious item):
phrasal verb
pass out
To suffer temporary lack of consciousness:
phrasal verb
pass over
To pretend not to see:
1. A free ticket entitling one to transportation or admission:
Informal: comp.
Slang: freebie.
2. A decisive point:
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إِذْنُ مُرُورتَمْريرَة كُرَهجَواز مُرورشِعْب، مَمَرمَـمَّرٌ جَبَلِيّ
předjetminoutprůsmyksložení zkouškysložit
biti prihvaćendodatiklanacpoložitipretjecati
eyîa , dveljafara fram úrfara framhjáfara yfir ; vera ofarláta e-î ganga
apalptiapeitiatsisveikinti su pasauliubūti palaikytamegzamino išlaikymas
aizsteigties garāmapdzītbeigtiesbraukt garāmcaurlaide
kolmá prihrávkapresahovaťpriepustkapriesmykzloženie skúšky
prepustnicaiti mimominitinareditiomedleti
bergspassbli godkändförflyttaköra ompass
đèođi quađưa chogiấy phépsự thi đỗ


A. N
1. (= permit) (gen) → pase m (Mil) → permiso m, pase m
bus passabono m or pase m de autobús
overnight passpermiso m or pase m de pernocta
press passpase m de prensa
rail passabono m or pase m de ferrocarril
security passpase m de seguridad
visitor's passpase m de visitas
weekend passpermiso m or pase m de fin de semana
see also boarding
2. (Sport) → pase m
back passpase m hacia atrás
forward passpase m adelantado
3. (in exam) → aprobado m
a pass in biologyun aprobado en biología
to get a pass (in sth)aprobar (algo)
she got seven passesaprobó siete asignaturas
4. (by conjuror) → pase m; (by aircraft) → pasada f
5. (= situation)
things have come to a pretty pass¡hasta dónde hemos llegado!
things had reached such a pass thatlas cosas habían llegado a tal extremo que ...
6. (= sexual approach)
to make a pass at sbtirarle a algn los tejos, intentar ligar con algn
7. (Geog) → puerto m, paso m; (small) → desfiladero m
mountain passpuerto m or paso m de montaña
1. (= go past) → pasar; (= go in front of) → pasar por delante de; (= cross paths with) → cruzarse con (Aut) (= overtake) → adelantar, pasar, rebasar (Mex)
the road passes a farmyardla carretera pasa por un corral
the procession passed the royal standel desfile pasó por delante de la tribuna de Sus Majestades
I passed them on the stairsme crucé con ellos en las escaleras
they passed each other on the wayse cruzaron en el camino
he looked the other way as he passed memiró al otro lado cuando nos cruzamos
he tried to pass me on the inside (Aut) → intentó adelantarme or pasarme por la derecha; (in UK) → intentó adelantarme or pasarme por la izquierda
2. (= surpass) → superar
total membership has passed the six million markel número total de miembros supera los seis millones
3. (= cross) [+ barrier, frontier, customs] → cruzar
not a word has passed my lipsde mí no ha salido una palabra, no he dicho ni una palabra
4. (= convey, transfer) (gen) → pasar (Sport) [+ ball] → pasar
the gas is then passed along a pipeel gas luego se pasa por una tubería
to pass sth down the linepasar algo de mano en mano
to pass a dish round the tablepasar un plato entre todos los que están a la mesa
to pass sb sth, pass sth to sbpasar algo a algn
pass me the salt, please¿me pasas or alcanzas la sal, por favor?
my application was passed to another departmentpasaron mi solicitud a otro departamento
see also buck A3
see also parcel, word A4
5. (= move in given direction) → pasar
he passed his handkerchief over his facese pasó el pañuelo por la cara
to pass a cloth over sthlimpiar algo con un paño
he passed the rope round the axle/through the ringpasó la cuerda por el eje/por el aro
6. (= spend) [+ time] → pasar
it passes the timeayuda a pasar el rato
to pass the time of day with sbcharlar un rato con algn
7. (= not fail) [+ exam, essay, candidate] → aprobar; [+ inspection] → pasar
he has just passed his driving testacaba de aprobar el examen de conducir
see also fit 1 2
see also muster
8. (Cine) [+ film] [censor] → aprobar
the censors felt they could not pass the filmlos censores sintieron que no podían aprobar la película
the film failed to pass the censorsla película no consiguió pasar la censura
9. (= approve) [+ law, bill motion] → aprobar
10. (= express) [+ remark, comment] → hacer
it would be unfair to pass comment on his private lifeno sería justo hacer comentarios sobre su vida privada
to pass (an) opinion on sthexpresar una opinión acerca de algo
to pass sentence (Jur) → fallar, dictar sentencia
to pass sentence on sbsentenciar or condenar a algn
see also judgment
11. (Med) [+ blood] → echar
to pass a stoneexpulsar un cálculo
to pass a stoolrealizar una deposición, defecar
to pass urineorinar
to pass windexpulsar ventosidades or una ventosidad (frm)
see also water A3
12. (criminally) [+ counterfeit money, stolen goods] → pasar
1. (= go past) → pasar (Aut) (= overtake) → pasar, adelantar, rebasar (Mex)
I stood aside to let her passme puse a un lado para dejarle pasar
we passed in the corridornos cruzamos en el pasillo
the procession was still passing an hour laterseguían desfilando una hora más tarde
see also ship A1
2. (= move, go) → pasar
to pass behind/in front of sth/sbpasar por detrás/por delante de algo/algn
she passed right in front of mepasó justo por delante mío or de mí
messages passed back and forth between themse intercambiaban mensajes entre sí, se mandaban mensajes el uno al otro
pass down the bus please!¡vayan hacia el fondo del autobús, por favor!
to pass into oblivionpasar al olvido
control of the business passed out of my handsla dirección de la empresa pasó a otras manos
to pass out of sightperderse de vista
the bullet passed through her shoulderla bala le atravesó el hombro
pass through the gate and turn leftcruce la verja y gire a la izquierda
she knew what was passing through his mindsabía lo que se le estaba pasando por la cabeza
words passed between themintercambiaron algunas palabras (fuertes)
3. (= be transferred) → pasar
the estate passed to my brotherla herencia pasó a mi hermano
4. (Sport) → hacer un pase
5. (= happen)
all that passed between themtodo lo que hubo entre ellos
it came to pass that (liter) → aconteció que ... (liter)
6. (= go by) [time, deadline] → pasar
as the years passeda medida que pasaban los años, con el paso de los años
how time passes!¡como pasa el tiempo!
the months passed into yearslos meses se convirtieron en años
7. (= disappear) [storm, pain, danger] → pasar
it'll passeso pasará, eso se olvidará
once the danger had passeduna vez pasado el peligro
the old order is passingel antiguo orden está desapareciendo
the rain had passedhabía dejado de llover
8. (in exam) → aprobar
9. (= be approved) [bill, amendment] → ser aprobado
10. (= be accepted) → pasar
"will this do?" - "oh, it'll pass"-¿esto servirá? -bueno, pasará
what passes in New York may not be good enough herelo que es aceptable en Nueva York puede no serlo aquí
to pass for sthpasar por algo
she could easily pass for 20podría pasar fácilmente por una chica de 20 años
or what passes nowadays for a hato lo que pasa por or se llama sombrero hoy día
let it passno hagas caso, pásalo por alto
we can't let that pass!¡eso no lo podemos consentir or pasar por alto!
see also unnoticed
11. (at cards, in quiz) (I) pass!¡paso!
I'm afraid I don't know, I'll have to pass on that oneme temo que no lo sé, no puedo contestar esa pregunta
I think I'll pass on the hiking next timecreo que la próxima vez voy a pasar de la excursión
D. CPD pass key Nllave f maestra
pass mark Naprobado m, nota f de aprobado
pass rate Níndice m de aprobados
pass around pass round VT + ADV a bottle of whisky was passed aroundse pasaron una botella de whisky de mano en mano or de uno a otro
you pass round the biscuitspasa las galletas entre todos
to pass round the hatpasar la gorra
pass away VI + ADV
1. (euph) (= die) → fallecer
2. (= disappear) → desaparecer
pass by
1. (= go past) → pasar
I was just passing by and I saw your carestaba pasando por aquí y he visto tu coche
she would beg from the people passing bypedía limosna a la gente que pasaba
2. [time, occasion] → pasar
as the hours passed bya medida que pasaban las horas
B. VT + ADV life has passed her byla vida se le ha pasado sin enterarse, no ha disfrutado de la vida
fortune seemed to have passed him byla fortuna parecía haberle dejado de lado
don't let this opportunity pass you byno dejes pasar (por alto) esta oportunidad
C. VI + PREPpasar por
I'll pass by your place to pick you uppasaré por tu casa para recogerte
pass down
1. (= transfer) [+ custom, disease, trait] → pasar, transmitir; [+ inheritance] → pasar
these beliefs were passed down from generation to generationestas creencias se fueron pasando or transmitiendo de generación en generación
it's been passed down through the familyse ha ido heredando en la familia
the painting was passed down to my father and he passed it down to meel cuadro lo heredó mi padre y luego me lo pasó a mí
my clothes were always passed down from my elder sisteryo siempre heredaba la ropa de mi hermana mayor
when you grow out of this coat you can pass it down to your brothercuando este abrigo te quede pequeño se lo puedes pasar or dar a tu hermano
2. (= convey downwards) → pasar
he passed the bags down to meme pasó las bolsas
1. (= be transferred) [custom] → pasar, transmitirse
2. (= be inherited) the farm passed down to meyo heredé la granja
pass off
1. (= happen) → transcurrir
it all passed off without incidenttodo transcurrió sin percances
2. (= wear off) [headache, bad mood] → pasarse
her headache passed off after an hourel dolor de cabeza se le pasó una hora después
1. (= present as genuine) to pass sth/sb off as sthhacer pasar algo/a algn por algo
he passed the girl off as his sisterhizo pasar a la chica por su hermana
to pass o.s. off as sthhacerse pasar por algo
she tried to pass herself off as an 18-year-oldintentó hacerse pasar por una chica de 18 años
2. (= dismiss) he tried to pass it off as a jokeintentó quitarle importancia haciendo ver que lo había dicho en broma
pass on
1. (= transfer) [+ information] → pasar, comunicar, dar; [+ message] (written) → dar, pasar; (spoken) → dar, comunicar; [+ object] → pasar; [+ disease] [person] → contagiar; [animal] → transmitir
I didn't want her to pass her cold on to meno quería que me contagiara el constipado
they pass the increase on to the consumerhacen que el consumidor cargue con el incremento
we pass our savings on to the customerlos ahorros redundan en favor de nuestros clientes
Sheila's having a party, pass it on!Sheila va a dar una fiesta, ¡corre la voz!
2. (= put in contact) [+ person] to pass sb on to sbponer a algn en contacto con algn; (on telephone) → poner a algn con algn
I was passed on to another doctorme mandaron a otro médico, me pusieron en contacto con otro médico
I'll pass you on to my supervisorle pongo a mi supervisor
1. (= proceed) → pasar (to a) they passed on to other matterspasaron a discutir otros asuntos
the man lowered his eyes and passed onel hombre bajó la vista y pasó de largo
2. (euph) (= die) → fallecer
pass out
2. (Mil) → graduarse
B. VT + ADV (= distribute) → repartir
pass over
1. (= move overhead) a flock of geese passed overuna bandada de gansos voló por encima nuestro
2. (= cross over) we passed over into France under cover of nightcruzamos a Francia al amparo de la noche
3. (euph) (= die) → fallecer
1. (= omit) → pasar por alto, omitir
he had passed over an important pointhabía pasado por alto or omitido un punto muy importante
he was passed over for promotiona la hora de los ascensos lo dejaron de lado
2. (= hand over) → dar, pasar
pass over that butter, will you?¿me das or pasas la mantequilla?
pass round VT + ADV = pass around
pass through
1. (= not stay) → estar de paso
I'm just passing throughestoy de paso nada más
2. (= go through) → pasar
he wouldn't let me pass through without identificationno me dejaba pasar sin documentación
B. VI + PREP [+ town, country, gap] → pasar por; [+ phase, crisis] → pasar por, atravesar; [+ barrier] → pasar
pass up VT + ADV
1. (= forgo) → echar a perder, desperdiciar
an opportunity like this was too good to pass upuna oportunidad así era demasiado buena para echarla a perder or desperdiciarla
2. (lit) [+ object] → pasar
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(= give) [+ object] → passer
Could you pass me the salt, please? → Est-ce que vous pourriez me passer le sel, s'il vous plaît?
to pass sb sth [+ salt, glass, newspaper, tool] → passer qch à qn
to pass sth to sb → passer qch à qn
to pass sb the ball, to pass the ball to sb → faire une passe à qn
(= spend) [+ time] → passer
to pass the time doing sth → passer son temps à faire qch
to do sth to pass the time → faire qch pour passer le temps
(= go past) [+ place] → passer devant; [+ person] → croiser
I pass his house on my way to school → Je passe devant chez lui en allant à l'école.
I just passed him in the street → Je viens de le croiser dans la rue.
(= move) → passer
He passed his hand over his hair → Il passa sa main dans ses cheveux.
(= overtake) [+ car] → doubler, dépasser
[+ exam, test] → être reçu(e) à, réussir
to pass an exam → être reçu(e) à un examen, réussir un examen
I hope I'll pass the exam → J'espère que je serai reçu à l'examen., J'espère que je réussirai l'examen.
Kevin has just passed his driving test → Kevin vient de réussir son permis de conduire.
[+ candidate] → admettre
to pass a test [drug, product] → passer un test avec succès
new drugs which have passed preliminary tests → de nouveaux médicaments qui ont passé avec succès des tests préliminaires
to pass the MOT [vehicle] → obtenir le certificat du contrôle technique
(= exceed) [+ level, total] → dépasser
The world's population has passed 5 billion → La population mondiale a dépassé les cinq milliards.
(= approve) → approuver, accepter
[+ law] → promulguer
(= go) → passer
The route passes near Garthwick → La route passe près de Garthwick.
He passed down the tunnel → Il est passé dans le tunnel.
[person, vehicle] (= go past) → passer
They waved to each other as they passed
BUT Ils se sont salués en se croisant.
[time] → passer
The time has passed quickly → Le temps a passé rapidement.
to pass without incident [event] → se passer sans problèmes
The first few meetings passed without incident → Les premières réunions se sont passées sans problèmes.
to let sth pass without comment [statement, words] → laisser passer qch sans rien dire
It would be wrong to let his propaganda pass without comment → On ne peut pas décemment laisser passer sa propagande sans rien dire.
It cannot pass without comment → Nous ne pouvons pas le laisser passer sans rien dire.
to pass without notice (= go unnoticed) → passer inaperçu(e)
It passed unnoticed → C'est passé inaperçu.
[exam candidate] → être reçu(e), réussir
Did you pass? → Tu as été reçu?
(= be taken for) to pass as sth → passer pour qch
a woman passing as a man → une femme qui passe pour un homme
she could pass for 25
BUT on lui donnerait 25 ans.
to pass to sb (= be inherited by) [inheritance, estate] → revenir à qn
(refusing an offer)
I'll pass, thanks → Non merci.
(= permit) → laissez-passer m inv
(for bus, train)carte f d'abonnement
a bus pass → une carte de bus
(in mountains)col m
The pass was blocked with snow → Le col était enneigé.
(SPORT)passe f
(in exam) to get a pass → être reçu(e)
She got a pass in her piano exam → Elle a été reçue à son examen de piano.
I got six passes → J'ai été reçu dans six matières.
to get a pass in a subject [school student] → avoir la moyenne dans une matière; [university student] → être reçu(e) dans une matière
She got a pass in history, but failed everything else → Elle a été reçue en histoire, mais a échoué dans toutes les autres matières.
to make a pass at sb → faire des avances à qn
things have come to a pretty pass! (British)voilà où on en est!
pass around
pass round vt sep
(= hand round) [+ chocolates, vegetables] → faire passer
Could you pass the vegetables round? → Pourriez-vous faire passer les légumes?
(= wind) [+ rope, cable] to pass sth around sth → passer qch autour de qch
pass away
vi (euphemism)décéder
pass back
vt sep
(= return) (gen)rendre; [+ benefits, savings] → répercuter
[+ message] → transmettre
[+ ball] → repasser
pass by
vi [person] → passer
vt sep
to pass sb by [tragedy, disease] → épargner qn
She feels life has passed her by → Elle a le sentiment de ne pas avoir profité pleinement de sa vie.
She saw celebrity pass her by → Elle a vu la célébrité lui échapper.
pass down
vt sep [+ customs, inheritance] → transmettre
to be passed down from sb → être transmis(e) par qn
to be passed down from generation to generation → être transmis(e) de génération en génération
pass off
vi [event] → se passer
vt sep (fraudulently) to pass sth/sb off as → faire passer qch/qn pour
She passed him off as her young brother → Elle l'a fait passer pour son petit frère.
to pass o.s. off as sth → se faire passer pour qch
pass on
vi (= die) → s'éteindre, décéder
vt sep
(= hand on) → transmettre
to pass sth on to sb [+ message, information, thanks] → transmettre qch à qn
[+ illness] → passer
to pass a cold on to sb → passer un rhume à qn
[+ price rises] → répercuter
to pass on price rises to sb → répercuter les augmentations de prix sur qn
pass out
(= faint) → s'évanouir
(British) (MILITARY) [soldier] → sortir (d'une école militaire)
pass over
vt sep
(= ignore) [+ fact, topic] → passer sous silence
to be passed over (for job, position)ne pas être pris(e) en considération
to be passed over for promotion → ne pas obtenir la promotion escomptée
(= move across) to pass sth over sth → passer qch sur qch
He passed his hand over his eyes
BUT Il s'est passé la main sur les yeux.
vi (= die) → s'éteindre
pass through
vt fus [+ place, town] → traverser; [+ door, doorway] → franchir
He passed through the doorway into Ward B → Il a franchi la porte de la salle B.
vt sep
to pass sth through sth [+ needle] → enfoncer qch dans qch
She passed the needle through the fabric → Elle a enfoncé l'aiguille dans le tissu.; [+ thread, cord] → faire passer qch dans qch
Pass the thread through the needle → Faites passer le fil dans le trou de l'aiguille., Passez le fil dans le trou de l'aiguille.
to pass sth through a ring → faire passer qch dans un anneau, passer qch dans un anneau
pass up
vt sep [+ opportunity] → laisser passer
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(= permit)Ausweis m; (Mil etc) → Passierschein m; a free passeine Freikarte; (permanent) → ein Sonderausweis m
(Brit Univ) → Bestehen nteiner Prüfung; to get a pass in Germanseine Deutschprüfung bestehen; (lowest level) → seine Deutschprüfung mit „ausreichendbestehen; I still need a pass in physicsich muss noch einen Abschluss in Physik machen
(Geog, Sport) → Pass m; (Ftbl, for shot at goal) → Vorlage f
(Fencing) → Ausfall m
(= movement: by conjurer, hypnotist) → Bewegung f, → Geste f; the conjurer made a few quick passes with his hand over the top of the hatder Zauberer fuhr mit der Hand ein paar Mal schnell über dem Hut hin und her; the text had a special hyphenation passder Text wurde eigens in Bezug auf Silbentrennung überprüft
things had come to such a pass that …die Lage hatte sich so zugespitzt, dass …; things have come to a pretty pass when …so weit ist es schon gekommen, dass …; this is a pretty pass!das ist ja eine schöne Bescherung!
to make a pass at somebodybei jdm Annäherungsversuche machen
(Aviat) the jet made three passes over the shipder Düsenjäger flog dreimal über das Schiff; on its fourth pass over the area the plane was almost hitbeim vierten Überfliegen des Gebietes wurde das Flugzeug fast getroffen; the pilot made two passes over the landing strip before deciding to come downder Pilot passierte die Landebahn zweimal, ehe er sich zur Landung entschloss
(= move past)vorbeigehen/-fahren/-fliegen an (+dat); he passed me without even saying helloer ging ohne zu grüßen an mir vorbei; the ship passed the mouth of the estuarydas Schiff passierte die Flussmündung
(= overtake) athlete, carüberholen; he’s passed all the other candidateser hat alle anderen Kandidaten überflügelt
(= cross) frontier etcüberschreiten, überqueren, passieren; deadlineüberschreiten; not a word passed her lipskein Wort kam über ihre Lippen
(= reach, hand)reichen; they passed the photograph aroundsie reichten or gaben das Foto herum; pass (me) the salt, pleasereich mir doch bitte das Salz!; he passed the hammer uper reichte den Hammer hinauf; the characteristics which he passed to his sondie Eigenschaften, die er an seinen Sohn weitergab
it passes beliefes ist kaum zu fassen; it passes my comprehension that …es geht über meinen Verstand or meine Fassungskraft, dass …; love which passes all understandingLiebe, die jenseits allen Verstehens liegt
(Univ etc) exambestehen; candidatebestehen lassen
this film will never pass the censorsdieser Film kommt nie und nimmer durch die Zensur
(= approve) motionannehmen; plangutheißen, genehmigen; (Parl) → verabschieden; the censors will never pass this filmdie Zensur gibt diesen Film bestimmt nicht frei
(Sport) to pass the ball to somebodyjdm den Ball zuspielen; you should learn to pass the ball and not hang on to itdu solltest lernen abzuspielen, statt am Ball zu kleben
forged bank notesweitergeben
he passed his hand across his foreheader fuhr sich (dat)mit der Hand über die Stirn; pass the thread through the holeführen Sie den Faden durch die Öffnung; he passed a chain around the front axleer legte eine Kette um die Vorderachse
(= spend) timeverbringen; he did it just to pass the timeer tat das nur, um sich (dat)die Zeit zu vertreiben
remarkvon sich geben; opinionabgeben; (Jur) sentenceverhängen; judgementfällen; to pass comment (on something)einen Kommentar (zu etw) abgeben
(= discharge) excrement, bloodabsondern, ausscheiden; to pass waterWasser or Harn lassen
(= move past)vorbeigehen/-fahren; the street was too narrow for the cars to passdie Straße war so eng, dass die Wagen nicht aneinander vorbeikamen; we passed in the corridorwir gingen im Korridor aneinander vorbei; there isn’t room for him to passes ist so eng, dass er nicht vorbeikommt
(= overtake)überholen
(= move, go) no letters passed between themsie wechselten keine Briefe; words passed between themes gab einige Meinungsverschiedenheiten; what has passed between uswas sich zwischen uns zugetragen hat; a knowing look passed between themsie tauschten wissende Blicke aus; if you pass by the grocer’s …wenn du beim Kaufmann vorbeikommst; we passed by a line of hotelswir kamen an einer Reihe Hotels vorbei; the procession passed down the streetdie Prozession zog die Straße entlang; the cars pass down the assembly linedie Autos kommen das Fließband herunter; as we pass from feudalism to more open societiesbeim Übergang vom Feudalismus zu offeneren Gesellschaftsformen; as we pass from youth to old agemit zunehmendem Alter; the virus passes easily from one person to anotherder Virus ist leicht von einer Person auf die andere übertragbar; people were passing in and out of the buildingdie Leute gingen in dem Gebäude ein und aus; the land has now passed into private handsdas Land ist jetzt in Privatbesitz übergegangen; to pass into oblivionin Vergessenheit geraten; expressions which have passed into/out of the languageRedensarten, die in die Sprache eingegangen sind/aus der Sprache verschwunden sind; to pass into history/legendin die Geschichte/Legende eingehen; to pass out of sightaußer Sichtweite geraten; the firm has passed out of existencedie Firma hat aufgehört zu bestehen; he passed out of our liveser ist aus unserem Leben verschwunden; everything he said just passed over my headwas er sagte, war mir alles zu hoch; we’re now passing over Pariswir fliegen jetzt über Paris; I’ll just pass quickly over the main points againich werde jetzt die Hauptpunkte noch einmal kurz durchgehen; he’s passing through a difficult perioder macht gerade eine schwere Zeit durch; the manuscript has passed through a lot of handsdas Manuskript ist durch viele Hände gegangen; the thread passes through this holeder Faden geht durch diese Öffnung; you have to pass through BerlinSie müssen über Berlin fahren; shall we pass to the second subject on the agenda?wollen wir zum zweiten Punkt der Tagesordnung übergehen?; the crown always passes to the eldest sondie Krone geht immer auf den ältesten Sohn über; the area then passed under Roman ruledas Gebiet geriet dann unter römische Herrschaft; he passed under the archwayer ging/fuhr durch das Tor
(time: also pass by) → vergehen; (deadline)verfallen
(= disappear, end: anger, hope, era etc) → vorübergehen, vorbeigehen; (storm) (= go over)vorüberziehen; (= abate)sich legen; (rain)vorbeigehen; to let an opportunity passeine Gelegenheit verstreichen lassen; it’ll passdas geht vorüber!
(= be acceptable)gehen; to let something passetw durchgehen lassen; let it pass!vergiss es!, vergessen wirs!; it’ll passdas geht
(= be considered, be accepted)angesehen werden (for or as sth als etw); this little room has to pass for an officedieses kleine Zimmer dient als Büro; in her day she passed for a great beautyzu ihrer Zeit galt sie als große Schönheit; she could easily pass for 25sie könnte leicht für 25 durchgehen; or what passes nowadays for a hatoder was heute so als Hut betrachtet wird
(in exam) → bestehen; I passed!ich habe bestanden!; did you pass in chemistry?hast du deine Chemieprüfung bestanden?
(Sport) → abspielen; to pass to somebodyjdm zuspielen, an jdn abgeben
(Cards) → passen; (I) pass!(ich) passe!; pass (in quiz etc) → passe!; I’ll pass on thatda passe ich
(old: = happen) to come to passsich begeben; and it came to pass in those days …und es begab sich zu jener Zeit …; to bring something to passetw bewirken
(US euph: = die) → sterben


nSparbuch nt
n(digitale) Ausweiskarte (auf der persönliche Daten und Passwörter gespeichert sind); (Internet) → Passcard f
pass degree
n niedrigster Grad an britischen Universitäten, → „Bestanden“
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1. n
a. (permit) → lasciapassare m inv; (for bus, train) → tesserino (Mil) → permesso
b. (Geog) (in mountains) → passo, gola, valico
c. (Sport) → passaggio
d. (in exams) → sufficienza
to get a pass in German → prendere la sufficienza in tedesco
e. things have come to a pretty passecco a cosa siamo arrivati
f. to make a pass at sb (fam) → fare delle proposte or delle avances a qn
2. vt
a. (move past) → passare, oltrepassare; (in opposite direction) → incrociare (Aut) (overtake) → sorpassare, superare
they passed each other on the way → si sono incrociati per strada
b. (hand, give) → (far) passare (Sport) (ball) → passare
he passed his hand over his forehead → si passò la mano sulla fronte
to pass a thread through a hole → far passare un filo attraverso un foro
to pass sb sth or sth to sb → passare qc a qn
c. (Scol) (exam) → superare, passare; (candidate) → promuovere
d. (approve, motion, plan) → approvare, votare
e. (spend, time) → passare, trascorrere
we passed the weekend pleasantly → abbiamo trascorso or passato piacevolmente il fine settimana
it passes the time → fa passare il tempo
f. (express, remark) → fare; (opinion) → esprimere
to pass the time of day with sb → scambiarsi i (soliti) convenevoli
3. vi
a. (come, go) to pass (through)passare (per) (Aut) (overtake) → sorpassare
he passed by the cinema → è passato davanti al cinema
to pass out of sight → sparire alla vista
to pass into oblivion → cadere nell'oblio
to pass into history → passare alla storia
b. (be accepted, behaviour) → essere accettabile; (plan) → essere approvato/a
she could pass for twenty-five → potrebbe passare per una venticinquenne
what passes for art these days → quel che si definisce arte oggigiorno
is this okay? - oh, it'll pass → questo va bene? - sì, può andare
I decided to let it pass → ho deciso di lasciar correre
c. (time, day) → passare
how time passes! → come passa il tempo!
d. (pain) → passare; (memory, opportunity) → sfuggire
e. (in exam) → essere promosso/a
f. (happen) → accadere
all that passed between them → tutto quello che c'è stato fra loro
should it come to pass that ... (frm) → dovesse accadere che...
g. (Cards) → passare
pass along vt + advfar passare
pass around vt + adv = pass round
pass away vi + adv (euph) (die) → mancare, spegnersi
pass back vt + adv (object) → passare indietro
I will now pass you back to the studio (Radio, TV) → e ora ridiamo la linea allo studio
pass by
1. vi + advpassare (di qui or lì)
2. vt + adv (ignore) → ignorare, passar sopra a
life has passed her by → non ha davvero vissuto
pass down vt + adv (customs, inheritance) → tramandare, trasmettere
pass off
1. vi + adv (happen) → svolgersi, andare; (wear off, faintness, headache) → passare
2. vt + adv to pass sb/sth off asfar passare qn/qc per
pass on
1. vi + adv (euph) (die) → spegnersi, mancare; (proceed) to pass on (to)passare (a)
2. vt + adv (hand on) to pass on (to) (news, information, object) → passare (a); (cold, illness) → attaccare (a); (benefits) → trasmettere (a); (price rises) → riversare (su)
pass out vi + adv (become unconscious) → svenire (Brit) (Mil) → uscire dall'accademia
pass over
1. vi + adv (euph) (die) → spirare
2. vt + adv (topic) → ignorare; (employee, candidate) → non prendere in considerazione
pass round pass around vt + adv (bottle, photographs) → far girare
could you pass the vegetables round? → potrebbe far passare la verdura?
pass through
1. vi + advessere di passaggio
2. vt + adv (country, city) → passare per; (hardships) → attraversare
pass up vt + adv (opportunity) → lasciarsi sfuggire, perdere
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(paːs) verb
1. to move towards and then beyond (something, by going past, through, by, over etc). I pass the shops on my way to work; The procession passed along the corridor.
2. to move, give etc from one person, state etc to another. They passed the photographs around; The tradition is passed (on/down) from father to son.
3. to go or be beyond. This passes my understanding.
4. (of vehicles etc on a road) to overtake. The sports car passed me at a dangerous bend in the road.
5. to spend (time). They passed several weeks in the country.
6. (of an official group, government etc) to accept or approve. The government has passed a resolution.
7. to give or announce (a judgement or sentence). The magistrate passed judgement on the prisoner.
8. to end or go away. His sickness soon passed.
9. to (judge to) be successful in (an examination etc). I passed my driving test.
1. a narrow path between mountains. a mountain pass.
2. a ticket or card allowing a person to do something, eg to travel free or to get in to a building. You must show your pass before entering.
3. a successful result in an examination, especially when below a distinction, honours etc. There were ten passes and no fails.
4. (in ball games) a throw, kick, hit etc of the ball from one player to another. The centre-forward made a pass towards the goal.
ˈpassable adjective
1. fairly good. a passable tennis player.
2. (of a river, road etc) able to be passed, travelled over etc. The mud has made the roads no longer passable.
ˈpassing adjective
1. going past. a passing car.
2. lasting only a short time. a passing interest.
3. (of something said) casual and not made as part of a serious talk about the subject. a passing reference.
ˌpasser-ˈbyplural ˌpassers-ˈby noun
a person who is going past a place when something happens. He asked the passers-by if they had seen the accident.
ˈpassword noun
a secret word by which those who know it can recognize each other and be allowed to go past, enter etc. He was not allowed into the army camp because he did not know the password.
in passing
while doing or talking about something else; without explaining fully what one means. He told her the story, and said in passing that he did not completely believe it.
let (something) pass
to ignore something rather than take the trouble to argue. I'll let that pass.
pass as/for
to be mistaken for or accepted as. Some man-made materials could pass as silk; His nasty remarks pass for wit among his admirers.
pass away
to die. Her grandmother passed away last night.
pass the buck
to give the responsibility or blame for something to someone else. She always passes the buck if she is asked to do anything.
pass by
to go past (a particular place). I was passing by when the bride arrived at the church; She passed by the hospital on the way to the library.
pass off
(of sickness, an emotion etc) to go away. By the evening, his sickness had passed off and he felt better.
pass (something or someone) off as
to pretend that (something or someone) is (something or someone else). He passed himself off as a journalist.
pass on
1. to give to someone else (usually something which one has been given by a third person). I passed on his message.
2. to die. His mother passed on yesterday.
pass out
1. to faint. I feel as though I'm going to pass out.
2. to give to several different people. The teacher passed out books to her class.
pass over
to ignore or overlook. They passed him over for promotion.
pass up
not to accept (a chance, opportunity etc). He passed up the offer of a good job.

passed is the past tense of to pass: He passed the scene of the accident .
past means up to and beyond: She walked past the shops .
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إِذْنُ مُرُور, مَـمَّرٌ جَبَلِيّ, نـَجَاحٌ, يَجْتَازُ, يَلْحَقُ, يَـمُرُّ, يَنْجَحُ فِي إِمْتِحَانٍ minout (se), podat, předjet, průkaz, průsmyk, složení zkoušky, složit adgangskort, bestå, overhale, pas, passere Ausweis, Bergpass, bestehen, Bestehen einer Prüfung, überholen, vorbeigehen άδεια εισόδου, βάση βαθμολογίας, διαβιβάζω, πέρασμα, περνάω, περνώ, προσπερνώ adelantar, aprobado, aprobar, pasar, pasar a, pasar por, pase, paso hyväksyntä, kulkulupa, läpäistä, mennä ohi, ohittaa, sola col, dépasser, laissez-passer, moyenne, passer, réussir biti prihvaćen, dodati, klanac, položiti, pretjecati, prolazna ocjena, propusnica passare, passo, permesso, promozione, sorpassare, superare 合格, 合格する, 峠, 許可証, 追い越す, 通過する, 過ぎる 건네주다, 오솔길, 추월하다, 통과하다, 합격, 합격하다, 허가 bergpas, doorgeven, geslaagd examen, inhalen, pas, passeren, slagen adgangskort, bestå, bestått, fjellovergang, innhente, passere przejść, przełęcz, przepustka, wyminąć, zdać egzamin, zdanie egzaminu aprovação, desfiladeiro, passar, passar por alguém, passe, ultrapassar обгонять, передавать, пропуск, проходить, прохождение, сдать (экзамен), ущелье bergspass, bli godkänd, köra om, passera, passerkort, vara godkänd เดินผ่าน, ใบอนุญาต, ไล่ตามทัน, การสอบผ่าน, ช่องแคบ, ส่งผ่าน, สอบผ่าน สอบไล่ได้ geçer, geçilmek, geçit, geçmek, paso, sollamak đèo, đi qua, đưa cho, giấy phép, sự thi đỗ, thi đỗ, vượt 关口, 及格, 考试及格, 超过, 通行证, 通过
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v. pasar, aprobar;
to ___ awaymorir, fallecer;
to ___ oncontagiar, pegar;
to ___ outdesmayarse;
to ___ overpasar por, atravesar.
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vt (parasites, a stone, etc.) eliminar, expulsar, botar (esp. Carib, fam); Have you ever passed a stone?..¿Ha eliminado (expulsado, botado) alguna vez una piedra (al orinar)?; to — (away) (euph) morir, fallecer; to — gas expulsar gases; vi to — out perder el conocimiento or la conciencia, (to faint) desmayarse
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Unaccustomed to action or responsibility,--full of horror at what she had seen, and afraid to inquire, or almost to imagine, how it had come to pass,--affrighted at the fatality which seemed to pursue her brother,--stupefied by the dim, thick, stifling atmosphere of dread which filled the house as with a death-smell, and obliterated all definiteness of thought,--she yielded without a question, and on the instant, to the will which Clifford expressed.
Nor has either Dounia or I breathed a word to him of the great hopes we have of his helping us to pay for your university studies; we have not spoken of it in the first place, because it will come to pass of itself, later on, and he will no doubt without wasting words offer to do it of himself, (as though he could refuse Dounia that) the more readily since you may by your own efforts become his right hand in the office, and receive this assistance not as a charity, but as a salary earned by your own work.
Then, calling away, I carried him, not to my castle, but quite away to my cave, on the farther part of the island: so I did not let my dream come to pass in that part, that he came into my grove for shelter.