come together

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Verb1.come together - come together, as if in an embrace; "Her arms closed around her long lost relative"
move - move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion; "He moved his hand slightly to the right"
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w>come together

vizusammenkommen, sich treffen; he and his wife have come together againer ist wieder mit seiner Frau zusammen; it’s all coming together for him (inf)es regelt sich jetzt alles für ihn (inf)
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But probably all that has been here said may not be right; for, to resume the argument I lately used, if the people are not very brutal indeed, although we allow that each individual knows less of these affairs than those who have given particular attention to them, yet when they come together they will know them better, or at least not worse; besides, in some particular arts it is not the workman only who is the best judge; namely, in those the works of which are understood by those who do not profess them: thus he who builds a house is not the only judge of it, for the master of the family who inhabits it is a better; thus also a steersman is a better judge of a tiller than he who made it; and he who gives an entertainment than the cook.
"I think the Town fans have seen that, there are new faces in and the more we train we'll come together and have a good season.
But now many of those who turned out to see the bovine's bid for freedom have come together on Facebook, sharing photos of the animal and discussing whether it should have been shot or just tranquilised.