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or come-a·long  (kŭm′ə-lŏng′)
A hand winch used in pulling, tightening, and straightening, having two cables that are hooked to two objects, such as fence posts, and then ratcheted from opposite directions onto a central spool.
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In order to make that adjustment, a come-along was needed to lift and hold the knife carrier in the air so its height could be adjusted.
The plaintiff, who had completed about five to six trips previously on the fishing vessel, set up the come-along in accordance with how the captain had previously instructed him.
Now that you have a gantry in place, a come-along (a hand-operated winch) is all you need to lift an outboard.
When your buyer arrives, winch it up using the come-along until the prop is even with the back of the buyer's pickup.