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Tending to produce or aggravate acne.

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producing or causing blackheads or acne
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There's a twist to their results: The finding that those with more severe acne reported worsening symptoms with sun exposure "conflicts with prior research, which has found that acne improves with sun," the authors wrote, adding that "perhaps the data was confounded by comedogenic sunscreen use."
Silicones, IPM, and IPP are known to be high on the comedogenic scale and result in greater pore clogging in the skin over continuous daily use.
Of the 56 people who completed the study, 41 (73%) were students, 2 (3.5%) were housewives, 3 (5.4%) were job seeking individuals and the rest (17.8%) belonged to other sectors of employment, however, none were employed in occupation involving comedogenic substances.
The transformation from a normal pilosebaceous duct into a comedone occurs when the sebaceous gland progenitor cells or leucine-rich repeats and immunoglobulin-like domain 1 cells (LRIG1 cells) differentiate into epithelial type cells due to comedogenic factors [2].
Makeup doesn't have to be comedogenic or suffocating.
When an exogenous comedogenic factor is involved, the vast majority of the follicles are similarly affected.
" People who have oily or combination skins may opt for water- based moisturisers which are non- comedogenic ( i.
Each non-irritating formula is fragrance and Paraben-free and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and blemished skin - each foundation is non comedogenic, meaning that it won't block pores and lets skin breathe.
In addition, avoid using fabric conditioner on your bedding as the ingredients can be comedogenic (blackhead forming) when in contact with the skin," advises Sally.
7) Make sure any make-up you use is lightweight, non comedogenic and oilfree.