comic opera

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comic opera

An opera or operetta with a humorous plot, generally spoken dialogue, and usually a happy ending. Also called bouffe.

comic opera

(Theatre) a play largely set to music, employing comic effects or situations. See also opéra bouffe, opera buffa

com′ic op′era

opera with spoken dialogue, comical scenes or characters, and a happy ending.


farcically inept or inane.
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Noun1.comic opera - opera with a happy ending and in which some of the text is spoken
opera - a drama set to music; consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment and an orchestral overture and interludes
light opera, operetta - a short amusing opera
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I have always had a great love for the absolutely unreal, the purely fanciful in all the arts, as well as of the absolutely real; I like the one on a far lower plane than the other, but it delights me, as a pantomime at a theatre does, or a comic opera, which has its being wholly outside the realm of the probabilities.
She was modern to the soles of her dainty little high-heeled shoes, frankly fond of dress and of pleasure, devoted to tennis and to comic opera, delighted with a dance, which came her way only too seldom, longing ever for some new excitement, and yet behind all this lighter side of her character a thoroughly good, healthy-minded English girl, the life and soul of the house, and the idol of her sister and her father.
But here intrigue seems indeed to exist only within the pages of a shilling novel, or in a comic opera.
This comic opera phase came to a head in the famous Drawbaugh case, which lasted for nearly four years, and filled ten thousand pages with its evidence.
To see him walking like a comic opera Sultan, with this badge of authority in his hand, his black beard bristling in front of him, his toes pointing at each step, and a train of wide-eyed Indian girls behind him, clad in their slender drapery of bark cloth, is one of the most grotesque of all the pictures which I will carry back with me.
And because,' he shouted wrathfully, 'because, forsooth, she earns an honest living by singing in the chorus of a comic opera, a whole bunch of snivelling idiots will say I have made a fool of myself.
He has composed two or three comic operas, written four or five articles in the Siecle, and voted five or six years on the ministerial side.
Some, like the husband of Madame Colleville, Celestine's rival, play in the orchestra of a theatre; others like du Bruel, write vaudeville, comic operas, melodramas, or act as prompters behind the scenes.
Meltham Church Gilbert & Sullivan Society performs the comic opera HMS Pinafore
With a capacity of 2,600 seated and up to 700 standing, it opened on December 7, 1903, with a performance of popular comic opera My Lady Mollie.
com raves is a "delightfully profligate production of Rossini's wildly popular, 200-year-old comic opera," traces the adventures of handsome young Count Almaviva as he spots the lovely Rosina and courts her in spite of her jealous guardian's attempts to thwart him.
Contract award: comic opera - general renovation of the national theatre - project code j112.