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Noun1.coming back - the occurrence of a change in direction back in the opposite direction
turning, turn - a movement in a new direction; "the turning of the wind"
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And the man thought it was Ben Ali coming back, and he began to punch the Doctor in the dark.
It is plain our little Margaret is not coming back, our little Margaret, dear haunted rooms, will never come back; no longer shall her little silken figure flit up and down your quiet staircases, her hands filled with flowers, and her heart humming with little songs.
I told him what my master had telegraphed, and the man says upon that, 'Wait a bit,' he says; 'I'm coming back.' He came back in a minute or less; and he carried a Thing in his arms which curdled my blood--it did!--and set me shaking from the crown of my head to the sole of my foot.
Not as usual, I said, for she had never yet gone there without me; when was she coming back? There was an air of reservation in the answer which increased my perplexity, and the answer was, that her maid believed she was only coming back at all for a little while.
The whole party have left Netherfield by this time, and are on their way to town-- and without any intention of coming back again.
He's going to America for a time, and then he's coming back here.
Grewgious, taking another trot, and then coming back. 'No personal knowledge, I suppose, sir?'
Before supper, Prince Andrew, coming back to his father's study, found him disputing hotly with his visitor.
Then, without premeditation, we may express our disapproval of such a turn by getting up from our seats and leaving the theatre for a promenade and a breath of fresh air outside, coming back, when the turn is over, to enjoy the rest of the programme.
It was expected that Tim Linkinwater and Miss La Creevy would have made a third couple on the occasion, but they declined, and two or three weeks afterwards went out together one morning before breakfast, and, coming back with merry faces, were found to have been quietly married that day.
Towards ten o'clock, when she usually said good-night to her son, and often before going to a ball put him to bed herself, she felt depressed at being so far from him; and whatever she was talking about, she kept coming back in thought to her curly-headed Seryozha.
This phenomenon fascinated me for a time, while my senses were coming back to me.