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"In this simulation the asteroid first hits and then sends fragments from the collision back into space which orbited the Earth for a short period of time before coming back to Earth," Space Sim wrote.
In fact he even admits them, writing: "Americans were able to perform the quite incredible feat not just of landing on the Moon, but of getting back in one piece - coming back to Earth at 24,000mph without being frazzled by the friction of the atmosphere."
After spending 340 days in space, coming back to Earth feels like having "the flu," astronaut Scott Kelly said as NASA published results of a study involving Kelly and his twin.
"We saw that the vast majority, over 90 percent of all these changes, all returned back to baseline coming back to Earth," Mason said.
Then, the passengers will float in zero-gravity for several minutes, before coming back to Earth.
After all this inspirational talk, Munro aptly titles Chapter 6 "Coming Back to Earth." She reminds us of some of the ways that tactical urbanism may not go as planned, including people not liking the results and exhausting yourself and your passion.
The racquet fell from his grasp as he jumped, fists clenched, arms splayed in undiluted joy before coming back to earth and burying his head in his hands.
The event encourages youngsters to follow in the footsteps of British astronaut Tim Peake who is coming back to Earth from the International Space Station in June.