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It will be readily understood that I allude to the COMITIA CENTURIATA and the COMITIA TRIBUTA.
Another method is for the people to meet in a collective body, but only for the purpose of holding the comitia, making laws, determining concerning war or peace, and inquiring into the conduct of their magistrates, while the remaining part of the public business is conducted by the magistrates, who have their separate departments, and are chosen out of the whole community either by vote or ballot.
This was opposed in the Comitia Tributa (tribunician assembly), but Caesar got his way through organized violence.
Hay quien sugiere que esto no seria nada raro, dado que muchas culturas anteriores tuvieron procedimientos con elementos similares a los de un jurado, como las Dikasteries de la era de Pericles y las Comitia romanas (von Moschzisker, 1921, pp.
In the Republic, Leges had become law through their adoption by the Assemblies--the Comitia or the Concilium Plebis, whose plebiscita bound not just the plebs, but, after the Lex Hortensia [287 B.
Legiao de Maria is organized into hierarchical councils: the Praesidia serve the Curia, which serve the Comitia, which are linked to the Regia, which, in turn, provide service to the Senatus, which serve the Concilia.
Calare, llamar, convocar, proclamar, como en calata comitia, asamblea a la que se convocaba el pueblo para la eleccion de los flamines y otras deliberaciones religiosas".
1) Under these circumstances, as described by Cicero in his rhetorical treatise Brutus and supplemented from other sources, where appropriate, we can distinguish two groups of orators at contiones, that is, at informal popular assemblies (2) took place usually before an official vote at a centuriate or tribal assembly, which were the main official assemblies of all Roman citizens (comitia centuriata or comitia tributa): (3) one that undermined the res publica and one that supported it.
En el libro i de la obra de LELIO FELIX a QUINTO MUCIO, el dice que LABEON escribe que los comitia calata son los realizados en presencia del Colegio de los Pontifices, para instaurar un rey o los flamines (GEL.
Ultimate electoral sovereignty under the Roman system sprang from two electoral assemblies: the Comitia Centuriata and the Comitia Tributa (hereafter referred to as the Centuriate and the Tribute, respectively).
quo anno 1647 mese Ianurio universos in admirationem rapuisti, nam cu Regnorum Comitia te consulerent super decreto (utputabatur) Sanctue Romanae Inquisitionisprohibent tribui Conceptioni titulum Inmaculatae (.
The comitia centuriata elected high-ranking magistrates and was organized as the Roman people in military array.