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 (kə-mĭsh′ē-ə, -mĭsh′ə)
n. pl. comitia
A popular assembly in ancient Rome having legislative or electoral duties.

[Latin, from pl. of comitium, assembly place : com-, com- + itus, past participle of īre, to go; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]

co·mi′tial (-mĭsh′əl) adj.
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On the other hand, severe depressive episodes may appear post-act, especially if comitial crises frequently succeed one another.
With his/her own comitial. chiefly assume entrepreneur as accelerator change in economic activity, because entrepreneur has courage for doing different reaction of other to the events infact entrepreneur is an economic element which do productive and commercial activities by using production element and using obtained opportunities in their own market business she or she is pioneer because has high venturing in a general breaking down, entrepreneur can be enounced as following:
There is no good reason to doubt that this was true, not only of those among them who had evaded other penalties on being convicted by quaestio or comitial process, but also of any who had left Rome before conviction or had even failed to face trial altogether.