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Comic books and comic strips, especially of the alternative press: "the countercultural ... comix of the sixties and early seventies, with their explicit criticism of American society" (Lloyd Rose).

[Alteration of comics, pl. of comic.]
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pl n
(Journalism & Publishing) comic books, esp those published by independent publishers
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She's a reporter, an editor, a critic, and a writer of psychoanalytic comix. OK, psychoanalytic graphic novels, if you prefer.
Competition Tracking Leading market players operating in the global stationery market include KOKUYO Co,Ltd, Shachihata Inc., Pentel, PILOT CORPORATION, Mitsubishi Corporation, Zebra Co., Ltd., M&G Holding Group Co., Ltd, Jason's Deli Inc., Shenzhen Comix Group Co., Ltd., Beifa Group Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Aihao Pen Trade Co.
With his first issue of Zap in 1968, Crumb singlehandedly invented a format and sensibility, under the broad label of "underground comix," that permanently changed how printed cartoon stories are perceived.
They consider how and why video games incorporate other media, such as film, photography, print literature, and comics in Call of Duty, Battlefield, Elegy for a Dead World, Comix Zone, Framed, and other games; how other media have used and transformed elements of digital games, such as let's plays, streams, e-sports broadcasts, and machinima, The Sims and Chloe Delaume's Corpus Simsi, video game adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories, and video game art; and video games' role in transmedia franchises, including Star Trek, Legos, and Second Life's Gorean role-playing games.
Kominsky-Crumb first hit the comics scene in San Francisco in 1972 with Goldie, published by the Wimmens Comix Collective.
With anticipation, excitement and thrill, dozens of Egyptian comic fans gathered for the long-awaited for annual event, the 5 th Egypt Comix Week, which kicked off on Monday.
JEDDAH: Flavors of Youth is a new anime feature film produced by CoMix Wave and Haoliners Animation studios.
Medeiros, no artigo Psicodelia, humor e militancia: os coletivos de mulheres quadrinistas no comix underground norte americano, destaca a formacao de coletivos de mulheres quadrinistas nos Estados Unidos nos anos 1970, como Ain't Me Babe (1970), Wimmens Comix (1972-1992), Tits&Clits (1972-1987).
Animation studio CoMix Wave Films and Netflix's 'Flavors of Youth' has Yoshitaka Takeuchi, who worked on Makoto Shinkai's 'Your Name.' and '5 Centimeters Per Second,' as the director of the film, while Noritaka Kawaguchi, who worked with Takeuchi and Shinkai, is the producer, according to a statement.
Enter the drawing and you could win a gift card to Comix Revolution.