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Noun1.commandership - the position or office of commander
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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In October 2016, after the death of Ramy Hassanein, the former commander of 103 battalion in a militant attack that targeted his patrol, the commandership of the second field army that is authorised to secure north Sinai decided to assign the commandership of battalion to Colonel Ahmed El-Mansy.
The training centre incorporates an A320 flight simulator for full-flight simulation, along with programmes on aircraft procedure training, computer-based classroom training, and standard pilot transition training, including an 'Upgrade to Command' course aimed at improving skills and maturity of co-pilots as they transition to commandership. The facility will complement Airbus India's training centre in Bengaluru which has trained more than 4,500 maintenance engineers since its inception in 2007.
He held several posts in the military, including the commandership of King Abdul Aziz Air Base in Dhahran, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
Spokesperson of the Defence Ministry, Danka Capaacutekovaacute, speaks about practising tactical-operational abilities and skills at all levels of command and management.Moreover, the aim is also the training of commandership and military headquarters of 2nd mechanized brigade, the preparation and training of commandership of operational bloc, as preparation and training of headquarters of air component.
"She ascended to the Commandership and now is essentially the head of the army, which may or may not make it into the valley," Rothenberg said.
"These controversies are a preplanned maneuvering by a number of the international powers with the commandership of international Zionism in cooperation with numerous intelligence services affiliated to the world arrogant powers," Esteche told FNA.
Mohammad Al-Karnabi has confessed his allegiance to the so-called Islamic State (IS) and participation with the terrorist group in battling the Lebanese army in Arsal in August 2014, Lebanese commandership said in a statement.
He said their forces remain intact under the SPLA-IO Commandership of Riek Machar and are fully committed to the full pursuit of what he said was an infallible demand of the people of South Sudan.
In addition to modifying the constitutional framework, the other steps which were taken after July 15 with regard to juridical legislation and strengthening the democratic will involve: i) affiliating the Service Commands to the Ministry of Defense in administrative aspects, ii) affiliating the General Commandership of Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Command to the Ministry of Interior, founding the national Defense University, iii) affiliating military academies and military vocational colleges with this university, and abolishing military high schools.
Askar noted that the upcoming workshops will be of a high standard and should focus on a number of issues related to commandership and strategic planning in accordance to the BOC new strategy.
This attitude of commandership helped the managers to communicate the firm manufacturing strategies with all employees.

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