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1. Having command; controlling.
2. Dominating, as by magnitude or position: took a commanding lead at the polls; a commanding view of the ocean.

com·mand′ing·ly adv.
com·mand′ing·ness n.
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[kəˈmɑːndɪŋlɪ] ADV [speak] → de forma autoritaria, imperiosamente
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adv speakgebieterisch
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References in classic literature ?
And yet, somehow, did Ahab --in his own proper self, as daily, hourly, and every instant, commandingly revealed to his subordinates, --Ahab seemed an independent lord; the Parsee but his slave.
Knightley seemed determined to be heard in his turn, for most resolutely and commandingly did he say,
"Naught is your science of man, naught is your science of the stars," said the archdeacon, commandingly.
Doctor Emory glanced warningly to Doctor Masters, and Doctor Masters glanced authoritatively at the sergeant who glanced commandingly at his two policemen.
"Unchain the Gyascutis!" said Sir Christopher commandingly. Giuseppe placed the monkey atop of the organ, where the beast, misunderstanding, stood on his head.
"What is the matter?" he asked, commandingly; "what is happening?"
I could not hear a sound, but through my glasses I saw the thin arm extended commandingly, the lower jaw moving, the eyes of that apparition shining darkly far in its bony head that nodded with grotesque jerks.
Not all crossovers fully emphasise the slightly higher seating position that's supposed to help define this class of car but this one does, positioning you quite commandingly in front of a smartly-bespoke softtouch dashboard.
But he is commandingly better than anything United have got right now - and Leicester know it.
Brazil started to stroke the ball around commandingly, and as they did that, they looked dangerous.Their opening goal came from a piece of individual brilliance by Jesus, whose drag back fooled two defenders, creating space for him to cross for the unmarked Everton to drill home at the back post on the quarter hour.
Winning the first set, Al-Rayyan kept the pace in the second set to lead commandingly 4-0 before the smaller Thais hit back, with Chakkrit and Kitsada keeping their good company in the team's attacks.

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