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Noun1.commelina - any plant of the genus Commelinacommelina - any plant of the genus Commelina  
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Commelina - type genus of the Commelinaceae; large genus of herbs of branching or creeping habit: day flower; widow's tears
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Com relacao ao efeito das plantas daninhas, a convivencia com Panicum maximum causou reducao na concentracao de N nas folhas do clone CNBOOl da ordem de 29%, sendo esta especie juntamente com Commelina diffusa as mais competitivas por P, em relacao a testemunha (Tabela 3).
A especie Commelina benghalensis, apresentou o maior indice de Valor de Importancia (IVI) em relacao a comunidade infestante em todos os tratamentos (Figura 2).
This is in contrast to the development documented previously for other confamilial taxa with monosymmetric flowers (Table 1), even when the mature three petals are all nearly equal in size, where there is a marked dimorphism between the upper and lower petals during early and middle phases of development (i.e., the developing lower petal is much larger than the upper petals in Cochliostema, Hardy & Stevenson, 2000a, Commelina, Hardy et al., 2009, Dichorisandra, Hardy et al., 2000, and Plowmanianthus, Hardy et al., 2004; summarized as such in Table 1).
Conversely, the dendrogram showed species on undulating terrain and mesic sites such as birdbill dayflower Commelina dianthifolia, wolftail Lycurus phleoides, and annual candy leaf Stevia micrantha, which are typical of communities of P.
The use of Commelina benghalensis for treatment of abscess (Serial Number 17) is not known, but a related species, Commelina diffusa is used in Asia including the tribes of Amarkantak region of Madhya Pradesh in India for treatment of abscess (Isaac and Brathwaite, 2007; Srivastava et al., 2012).
(sedge), Cyperus esculentus (yellow nutsedge), Commelina benghalensis (day flower), Bidens pilosa (hairy beggarticks), Galinsoga parviflora (gallant soldier), Gnaphalium spicatum (spiked cudweed), Chamaesyce hirta (asthma plant), Brachiaria plantaginea (alexandergrass), Elusine indica (indian goosegrass), Mollugo verticillata (green carpetweed) Cenchrus echinatus (southern sandbur), Portulaca oleracea (little hogweed).
With a number of plants, like Spilanthes calva or Commelina paludosa, the leaves were boiled, mixed with crushed peppers and taken.
Antioxidant constituents in the dayflower (Commelina communis L.) and their alpha-glucosidase-inhibitory activity.
John's-wort 0.09 Family Laminaceae Mint Family 0.05 Clinopodium arkansanum Limestone Calamint 0.05 Family Gentianceae Gentian Family 0.05 Family Commelinaceae Spiderwort Family 0.02 Commelina erecta Whitemouth Dayflower 0.02 Unidentified or bare 11.47 TABLE 2.--Soil types of known Geomys bursarius ozarkensis locations in Izard County, Arkansas Soil type Boden gravelly sandy loam, 3 to 8% slopes Boden gravelly sandy loam, 8 to 20% slopes Estate-Portian-Moko association, rolling Estate-Portian-Moko association, steep Peridge silt loam, 3 to 8% slopes Portia sandy loam, 3 to 8% slopes, eroded Portia sandy loam, 8 to 12% slopes, eroded Sturkie silt loam, occassionally flooded Wideman fine sand, frequently flooded Wideman fine sandy loam, 0 to 3% slopes