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Noun1.commencement exercise - an academic exercise in which diplomas are conferredcommencement exercise - an academic exercise in which diplomas are conferred
baccalaureate - a farewell sermon to a graduating class at their commencement ceremonies
exercise - (usually plural) a ceremony that involves processions and speeches; "academic exercises"
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Harling came to the Opera House to hear the Commencement exercises, and I looked at her most of the time while I made my speech.
The two walked along together, Adam comforting the disconsolate Emma Jane, until they reached the old meeting-house where the Commencement exercises were always held.
I was also the principal speaker at the Commencement exercises of the Royal College for the Blind.
For the first time in its 56-year history, the Mindanao State University of Marawi City held its commencement exercise outside the main campus there.
However, the Court is not inclined at this time to treat as exceptional circumstance the commencement exercise of his daughter in Muntinlupa City," the graft court said.
The event to include a word for Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah 18:30 Opening a painting expo and commencement exercise for students of Lebanese University - Arts Faculty, under the auspices of culture Ministry, at the Hall of Batloun cultural club 20:00 Rancho Resort for Environmental Tourism in Ghedras to open the Cedar Stampede Rodeo & Wild West Festival, under the auspices of Sports & Youth Minister Faysal Karami, at Rancho Resort of Ghedras A.
Given the present day, when the possibility of history repeating itself looms imminent, no cause requires your commitment as much as the cause of human rights, justice, and democracy, themes you have aptly chosen,' Sereno said in her commencement exercise speech at the Ateneo de Manila University.
Commencement exercise for two Willamette Leadership Academy graduating seniors will be at 9:30 a.
Duterte, along with Vice President Leni Robredo, are guests of honor at the commencement exercise at Camp Mariano Castaneda here in Silang, Cavite.