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 (kə-mĕn′sər-ə-bəl, -shər-)
1. Measurable by a common standard.
2. Commensurate; proportionate.
3. Mathematics Exactly divisible by the same unit an integral number of times. Used of two quantities.

[Late Latin commēnsūrābilis : Latin com-, com- + mēnsūrābilis, measurable (from mēnsūrāre, to measure; see commensurate).]

com·men′su·ra·bil′i·ty n.
com·men′su·ra·bly adv.
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The reason of these discords I conceive to be that there is no commensurability between a man and any gift.
Fassio shows that PRR is confronted with counterexamples and presupposes an implausible commensurability of all kinds of reasons.
The exploration of commensurability is directly pertinent to all articles but most obviously to the Green-Simms contribution on cinema cultures.
But accuracy and specificity don't much interest Luna, who, later in his essay, talks of "the logic of commensurability, which is still the reigning ideology of human life, whether in its longstanding liberal capitalist or increasingly white nationalist form." Why "white"?
Colonial spaces served as 'trials' of biomedical practices, and their success grounded the principle of 'biological commensurability'.
value of criteria such as commensurability with money, quantifiability,
(2) In healthcare, standardizing is the enactment of care activities designed to promote uniformity, stability and commensurability of professional thought, meaning, actions and outcomes.
In short, there is a great deal more at stake in this discussion than worrying about linguistic commensurability or incommensurability in translation.
Additionally, the Plaintiff claimed that the Ministry of Health did not take into consideration the compatibility and commensurability principle applicable to the issuance of any administrative decree, as the said decree provides for huge medical fees regardless of the fact that the majority of the non-Kuwaiti residents are low-paid employees, which renders the decree illegal.
In most areas of natural sciences and medicine such connections are enabled by either reductive models (from more complex life systems to the basic models) or by established commensurability of the shared terms, notions and methods.
One advantage of understanding the principle against viewpoint discrimination as deriving from the commitment to equal civic standing is that it raises the possibility of commensurability between the competing claims of right in the hate speech controversy.