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 (kə-mĕn′sər-ĭt, -shər-)
1. Of the same size, extent, or duration as another.
2. Corresponding in size or degree; proportionate: a salary commensurate with my performance.
3. Measurable by a common standard; commensurable.

[Late Latin commēnsūrātus : Latin com-, com- + mēnsūrātus (from past participle of mēnsūrāre, to measure, from Latin mēnsūra, measure; see measure).]

com·men′su·rate·ly adv.
com·men′su·ra′tion n.
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[kəˈmɛnsərɪtli] adv
[high, modest] → proportionnellement; [increase, grow, fall] → proportionnellement
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The rear-seat room has increased commensurately, with two individual seats providing better leg and headroom than before.
Although Obama received a lot more petitions than any other president, the Justice Department's capacity for considering them did not increase commensurately, and the process was plagued by understaffing and bottlenecks.
However, a decrease of percent fat from 41% to 30%, and a reduction in carbohydrate from 42% to 40% occurred commensurately.
"The impact is commensurately shocking," with 600,000 children younger than five across the world dying every year from air pollution-related diseases, Unicef executive director Anthony Lake said in the report released on October 31.
If the Council has more elected members, its transparency, working methods and engagement with the wider membership will improve commensurately, the Pakistani envoy said in her remarks at a meeting of the stalled Inter-governmental Negotiations (IGN) aimed at making the Security Council more representative and effective.
While beneficial to the consumer and manufacturing companies, lower oil prices weigh heavily on the FTSe 100 Index, which has a commensurately large exposure to the sector.
That is, people with annual household incomes of more than $75,000 don't have commensurately higher levels of this type of emotional well-being, though their general life evaluations continue to increase.
"While the tools and technologies continue to mature along with our understanding of ESI, the expanding scope of the issue is daunting, especially since agency resources aren't growing commensurately," May said.
This means that advances in technology, such as mobile banking, are commensurately more important.
In addition NPL coverage has commensurately increased to 147 per cent as of December 2014 and the investments book has focussed on holding high quality stable securities.
Our research shows that over the long term, commodities and foreign exchange generally add to portfolio volatility without contributing commensurately to returns." Investors should brace themselves for a turbulent year.
Meamwhile, Los Che immediately issued a statement condemning such act, vowing to conduct an investigation to have the culprit commensurately penalized.