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Noun1.commensurateness - the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount
proportionality - a ratio of two quantities that is constant
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Under this Swiss-developed model, the whistleblowing "should be part of [or] linked with a political conflict situation [and] there should be a commensurateness between the act and the political objective of the act.'" (148) Under this approach, the criminal nature of the act should be directly compared to its political objective.
Alternatively phrased in terms of reasonableness, commensurateness, or the like, this is the basic substantive standard governing all self-help law.
Within this shared occupation there will likely be, whether acknowledged or not, a struggle for power and control, both in directions of motive and also in accepted description of primary structure, of the world inside and its correspondingness or commensurateness with the larger, so-called "real" world.