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Noun1.commercial treaty - a treaty governing commerce between two or more nations
pact, treaty, accord - a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
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Under these circumstances, the Spanish government wanted again to enter into commercial treaty with Sulu.
James Wilson of Pennsylvania directly invoked these diplomatic impediments as he argued for a centralized treaty power that would take precedence over state law: "What is the reason that Great Britain does not enter into a commercial treaty with us?
Under the preliminary articles of peace, which the emissaries of Britain and the United States signed in November 1782, the government of Lord Shelburne promised a commercial treaty that would allow the newly independent states to trade with Britain's remaining empire on the same terms as they had before the revolution.
1858 - United States and Japan sign their first commercial treaty.
Instead of rephrasing, the Ambassador concluded that it was too soon to negotiate a commercial treaty with the United States.
The British business community is concerned that a Philippine government willing to breach an international agreement to pass the death penalty would find it 'much easier to walk away from a commercial treaty,' the United Kingdom envoy said.
(34) It could make no commercial treaty that sought to restrain state legislatures from imposing nondiscriminatory duties and imposts on foreigners.
Turning to commercial treaty renewals, gains continued overall for all lines of business with only slight deviation for a few markets, including a slight pull-back on commercial property.
"The cultural industry, and in particular the audiovisual industry, has never featured in a commercial treaty before," French Trade Minister Nicole Bricq told Europolitics during a visit to Washington, on 23 April.
In 1994, Mexico and Costa Rica closed the negotiating process for the commercial treaty, which came into force Jan.
Barlow, nevertheless, forged ahead, negotiating a commercial treaty and maritime claims convention with French officials that he brought with him on what turned out to be his final mission--to Napoleon's winter headquarters at Wilna.
commercial treaty program went dormant for several years until it was finally revived in 1977, when the Carter Administration decided to pursue a different type of treaty: the BIT.

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