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 (kŏm′ə-no͞ot′, -nyo͞ot′)
tr.v. com·mi·nut·ed, com·mi·nut·ing, com·mi·nutes
To reduce to powder; pulverize.

[Latin comminuere, comminūt- : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + minuere, to lessen; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]

com′mi·nu′tion n.
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pulverized; ground
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a. conminuto-a, roto-a en fragmentos tal como en una fractura.
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adj (fracture) conminuta
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In comminuted fractures of the distal radius, there is a high risk of mal-union when treated with traditional method of closed reduction and casting.
2-3 months after surgery nail movement had been performed in 26 patients with comminuted and fragmentary fractures of femur and tibia by removing static screw, which prevents deformation of distal locked screws and provides a possibility to create physiological compression at the fracture site without shortening risk of damaged segment.
Whole comminuted trees are known to self-heat and undergo quality changes during storage.
CASE FACTS: On March 5,2004, Tracey Beswick was admitted to Floyd Memorial Hospital for surgery to repair a comminuted fracture to his left elbow at the head of the radius bone.
Abstract: A study of the use of non-metallic powders obtained from comminuted recycled paper-based PCBs as an additive to polyvinyl chloride substrate.
Primary diagnostics revealed comminuted and displaced right-sided fractures of the proximal third femoral shaft (Fig.
saw and sander dust, shavings), or comminuted chips from coarser mill wastes (e.g.
During this bloody terrible week, no Western newspaper published anything about the Israeli missiles that comminuted Palestinian kids in their houses.
Complex, comminuted, or multiple skull fractures--with or without intracranial hemorrhage--signal abuse, Dr.
Key statement: The rubber particles, at a room temperature below the glass transition temperature, are introduced into a comminuting device concurrent with the introduction of an inert gas coolant at a temperature below about -75[degrees]F and are comminuted at a rate proportional to the average particle size of the introduced rubber particles to an average size within the range of crumb or powder rubber particles.
Abuse fractures, in contrast, are more likely to be bilateral, depressed, comminuted, and nonparietal.
It includes two notable innovations, a low profile 2.0 mm condylar tined plate for fractures near the joints and a zigzag plate for comminuted phalangeal fractures.