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 (kŏm′ə-no͞ot′, -nyo͞ot′)
tr.v. com·mi·nut·ed, com·mi·nut·ing, com·mi·nutes
To reduce to powder; pulverize.

[Latin comminuere, comminūt- : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + minuere, to lessen; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]

com′mi·nu′tion n.
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the breaking of a bone into small pieces. See also bones.
See also: Surgery
the breaking of a bone into small pieces.
See also: Bones
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Four independent geo-metallurgical test work programs (mineral characterization, comminution, froth flotation and cyanide leaching) were carried out on the different metallurgical composites.
As part of the ongoing Walford Creek metallurgical test-work program further comminution, float and bioleach variability testwork is under way.
[1] Several methods of treatment of femoral shaft fracture is now available; the choice of a particular method being determined by the type, location, degree of comminution, age of the patient, surgeon expertise, availability of implant and instrument and patients' socioeconomic status.
Sections address mineral characterization and analysis, management and reporting, comminution, classification and washing, transport and storage, physical separations, flotation, solid and liquid separation, disposal, and the processing of selected metals, minerals, and materials.
Based on Metso's industry leading crushing technology, the MKIII is the first high-speed primary gyratory crusher to deliver up to 30 percent higher capacity and 70 percent lower downtime in a comminution circuit.
The company said Major was the recipient of the Art MacPherson Comminution Award by the Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award from the CMP for his enduring contributions to mineral processing.
Extensor tendons rupture due to dorsal metaphyseal bony spur as a consequence of dorsal comminution is unlikely to happen.
The system was divided into three segments: collection, comminution, and transportation.
One strategy is to increase the dry weight per trip by reducing the moisture content of forest residues through natural drying in the forest before comminution (Ghaffariyan et al.