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v. com·mit·ted, com·mit·ting, com·mits
1. To do, perform, or perpetrate: commit a murder.
2. To put in trust or charge; entrust: commit oneself to the care of a doctor; commit responsibilities to an assistant.
3. To consign for future use or for preservation: We must commit the necessary funds for the project.
4. To place officially in confinement or custody, as in a mental health facility.
5. To put into a place to be disposed of or kept safe: committed the manuscript to the flames.
a. To make known the views of (oneself) on an issue: I never commit myself on such issues.
b. To bind, obligate, or devote, as by a pledge: They were committed to follow orders. She committed herself to her art.
7. To refer (a legislative bill, for example) to a committee.
To pledge, obligate, or devote one's own self: felt that he was too young to commit fully to marriage.

[Middle English committen, from Latin committere : com-, com- + mittere, to send.]

com·mit′ta·ble adj.
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Diagnosis should be offered for Evaluation and Referral assessments and for youth who are committable because of dangerousness secondary to mental illness or developmental disability etc.
What if the potential victim is actively psychotic, not committable under your particular state's law, but refusing all assistance because of paranoia?
If the court finds and there are no reasonable grounds to believe the child is committable to an institution or agency for the mentally retarded or mentally ill, it shall order the case transferred for criminal prosecution.
Nkemdiche initially told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that his commitment to Clemson would only be a "done deal" if Carter, a much less-heralded player, got a committable offer from head coach Dabo Swinney.
virtually every predator would be both convictable and committable.
This means that CTOs reach persons who may not otherwise be committable to hospital.
He said: "It's by no means clear that Jacks would be committable, despite the horrific crimes of which I've found her guilty.
David Matteodo, head of the Massachusetts Association of Behavioral Health Systems, said that if a peer-run crisis respite accepts people who are committable to a hospital, "then I would say they need to meet the same standards as hospitals.
The site was selected for its proximity to 10,000 committable hotel rooms.
120, 125 (1995) ("[C]linicians' judgments as to whether patients are legitimately committable may be influenced by their own self-referential concepts of morality.
My family is thinking that I might be committable because I've planted a rather large field (I couldn't guess the acreage .