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The 13 chapters in this volume discuss human trafficking in the US and worldwide and definitional issues, debated interpretations of legislation, and the act of commodifying and exploiting vulnerable populations in broader terms.
The Raps' "redefined brand identity," as the agency calls it, fits the NBA's history of, on the one hand, commodifying blackness--black culture, style, and music--while on the other hand policing black identity and black political expression.
Is this indeed a direction of commodifying the Tunisian female image in post-revolution Tunisia?
Among her perspectives are visualizing and commodifying female bodies in Truxillo del Peru, and the medicalized female body in the Mercurio Peruano 1791-95.
As we will see, not only may the expressive meanings of price-tagging and using market rhetoric entail commodification; governmental involvement and incentivizing people to join the market both may have similar commodifying effects (16).
Barnum, a shrewd businessman who made a fortune commodifying 19th-century America's fears, interests, fascinations, and prejudices: "He introduced the rhinoceros to America, brought the first herd of elephants here, pioneered in the display of exotic fish and marine mammals.
These days, few artists would dare to try to make an Esto es Peor-type etching, partly because of the danger of commodifying suffering and partly because they recognize the political inefficacy of such a gesture.
The first option of commodifying non-market practices (e.
She informs us that her "chapters successively reimagine the devalued acts of producing, commodifying, recommodifying, and consuming popular literature in positive terms, as creative collaborations among publishers, readers, and writers who reshaped familiar romances to meet their changing needs" (16).
Art*o*mats make their art approachable by literally commodifying it.
With the growing popularity and use of the Internet as a sales channel, absolute control over sales and pricing has become increasingly difficult, with savvy e-mediaries grabbing market share and commodifying the hotel buying experience.
Experts agree that Enron brought tremendous value and potential for commodifying future risks in new areas that may have once been overlooked.