commodities market

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Noun1.commodities market - an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future deliverycommodities market - an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery
exchange - a workplace for buying and selling; open only to members
forward market, futures exchange, futures market - a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded
pit - (commodity exchange) the part of the floor of a commodity exchange where trading in a particular commodity is carried on
spot market - a market in which a commodity is bought or sold for immediate delivery or delivery in the very near future
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Launched on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, this new hedging tool, Agri-Options:Ek Aur Kadam Kisan Pragati Ki Ore, is set to mark an important evolution in trading of agriculture commodities market.
Sinha said that first priority would be to develop confidence in the commodities market.
The commodities market is currently facing mounting political and regulatory pressure.
Asim Khan, chief executive officer, Trust Securities -- Dubai, said: "The commodities market is dynamic and volatile, changing buying habits and trends overnight.
Trading specialists note that in these two commodities market areas there are positive and negative factors that must be addressed prior to actual investing in either.
Against this growth trend, Fragneau said it would be a good strategy to invest in the commodities market for the long term.
But in a commodities market, variables are the spice of life (and the bane of forecasters), so a few of those should probably be considered.
Until recently, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, an independent federal agency that oversees the commodities market, enforced registration requirements on anyone giving advice about futures trading, whether through traditional print publications or the Internet.
It also has regional overviews which include a section specifically on 'Africa -- an emerging commodities market.
It discusses the overall structure of the Global Commodities Market as well as Indian Commodities Market from an insider perspective and provides a comprehensive study on macro and micro factors driving the growth of this market.
However, if there is one lesson commodities market veterans can teach younger players, it is to expect the unexpected.
com (HAI), a leading online source for research and commentary on the commodities market.