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tr.v. com·mod·i·tized, com·mod·i·tiz·ing, com·mod·i·tiz·es
To turn into or treat as a commodity.

com·mod′i·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(kəˈmɒdɪˌtaɪz) or


(tr) another term for commodify
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Discussion encompasses denominational and geographical patterns of Christian travel, promoting Christian tourism, and commoditizing holy places and sacred experiences.
During his tenure, IBM transformed its product and services portfolio, exiting commoditizing businesses, including PCs, printers and hard disk drives, and greatly increasing investments in analytics, cloud computing and other high-value businesses and technologies," the statement described.
Much of this growth is in the perpetually commoditizing smartphone application market, ABI Research said, reaching over 395 million downloads by 2016.
Now cloud services provide all the computing power and resources you need, commoditizing years of IT investments.
In June the Canadian Medical Association Journal quoted William Wall, an Ontario transplant surgeon, warning that any kind of financial reimbursement for organ donation will put us on a slippery slope toward commoditizing organs.
Just as almanacs commoditized facts, the Web is commoditizing knowledge.
New York Life, for example, declined to join its insurance industry peers in shifting to a financial services focus for fear of moving into a soon-to-be commoditizing sector, said Sy Sternberg, chairman and CEO of the insurer.
"The backup power market is rapidly commoditizing," said F&S research associate Anu Elizabeth Abraham.
John Joseph, vice president of marketing at EqualLogic said about commoditizing storage, servers and switches, "Buying cheap servers, storage and switches, and then trying to put them together, is not cost-effective.
AT&T intensified the focus on personal computers, even as that market was quickly commoditizing. Within two years, gross operating margins had disappeared and the company was recording substantial losses.
An economist known for having invented interest rate derivatives, he has long been fascinated by the notion of "commoditizing the environment."