commodity brokerage

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Noun1.commodity brokerage - a brokerage firm dealing in commodities
brokerage - the business of a broker; charges a fee to arrange a contract between two parties
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The Company's capital market & brokerage segment is engaged in trading of equity securities, maintaining and trading portfolios, and earning share brokerage and money market, forex and commodity brokerage. Its banking segment is engaged in providing investment and commercial banking.
Canadian Botanical Distributors, a brokerage and distribution platform for cannabis and CBD products, will be developing an online commodity brokerage for licensed purchasers, importers, processors, future manufacturers and government wholesale network including authorized dispensaries and distribution outlets.
The year-over-year decreases were mainly attributable to the reduction in expenses associated with the terminated commodity brokerage operation and reduced commissions associated with lower activity in the equity brokerage business.
New Jersey, US-based Diversegy, LLC has acquired the energy commodity brokerage business assets of Rhode Island, US-based energy solutions provider Frontline Power Solutions, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 11, 2018-Diversegy Acquires Energy Commodity Brokerage Assets of Frontline Power Solutions
JP Capital Management (JPCM) is a private equity company that specializes in the acquisition and operation of middle market companies in sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, commodity brokerage and more.
The companies said they expect the merged firm will enable customers to benefit from enhanced commodity brokerage and advisory offerings across multiple distribution channels and geographies.
Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, a Russia-based pharmaceutical company, has signed a production agreement with Advance Trading, a non-proprietary commodity brokerage firm that provides risk management and market guidance.
A number of solutions have been proposed to better safeguard customer funds held in commodity brokerage accounts.
As a step towards expansion of its horizon, AHL has recently started commodity brokerage services through its wholly owned subsidiary Arif Habib Commodities (Pvt) Limited.
Commodity brokerage INTL FCStone raised its soybean production forecast after some late rains, although it cut estimate of this year's U.S.
"Technology such as MetaTrader 5 has enabled the currency and commodity brokerage industry to continue to flourish on leading exchanges such as the DGCX.