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Noun1.common ax - an ax with a long handle and a head that has one cutting edge and one blunt side
ax, axe - an edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle
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Beyond these globally common axes, we have a third artificial axis of division the institutional one.
The common axes' dynamics involves educational work based on mixed classes (students from different courses constituting learning groups).
In the first year, the common axes take up approximately 75% of the weekly workload, and the specific axis' curricular units take up 25%.
Under this new proposal, students undergo three common axes of knowledge "Work in Health" [("Trabalho em saude", TS); "The Biological Dimension of Human" ("O ser humano em sua dimensao biologica", BIO); "The Social Dimension of Human" ("O ser humano e sua insercao social", IS), in which modules are organized interdisciplinarily, agglutinating shared contents, in learning moments in which classes are organized so as to be composed of students from several courses (Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Psychology, Social Service and Occupational Therapy).
In the hills, narrow tracks bounded by steep cliffs and precipitous drops often formed main supply routes and common axes for several units and formations, while road blockages caused by vehicles sliding off the track into glutinous paddy-fields were common.
The spindles are arranged along common axes, and the winding carriage's "rest" position is between the spindles or groups of spindles.
The coordinators of all six courses and of all three common axes were called together.

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