common iliac artery

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Noun1.common iliac artery - terminal branches of the abdominal aorta
arteria iliaca, iliac artery - one of the large arteries supplying blood to the pelvis and legs
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On the left side, it goes over the psoas major muscle and enters the pelvic cavity by crossing the common iliac artery. On the right side, first it crosses over the anterior surface of inferior vena cava then goes downward beside the ascending colon 1 cm above the right ureter and enters the pelvic cavity by crossing over the common iliac artery or sometimes the external iliac artery.
Surgical repair of a very large right common iliac artery aneurysm.
Unfortunately, when the retractor blades were distracted, the left common iliac artery was found in the operating field.
Parameter Results Reference Left Right value Duplex ultrasonography Diameter of distal aorta (mm) 14.5 Diameter of common iliac artery (mm) 9.8 9.9 79-11.7 Diameter of external iliac artery (mm) 7.9 7.8 6.7-9.2 Diameter of femoral artery (mm) 10.5 9.2 7.6-8.9 Carotid intima-media thickness (mm) 0.69 0.61 <0.9 Femoral intima-media thickness (mm) 0.78 0.80 <0.9 Table 4: Vascular function.
* ESTATE'S CLAIM: The surgeon was negligent in lacerating the left common iliac artery when inserting the trocar, and in not detecting the injury intraoperatively.
[4,5] Comparable areas in the lower-extremity venous system include both (but especially the left) common iliac veins where they are crossed by the right common iliac artery (Fig.
The procedure was inititated by placing a number 4 French sheath into the right common femoral artery and passed retrograde into the right external iliac artery, right common iliac artery and aorta, respectively, at which point crossing over to the left common iliac artery, left internal iliac artery, and the left uterine artery.
The presented case report describes one case of initial successful conservative management of placenta percreta (C-section preceded by proximal occlusion of the common iliac artery for decreasing intraoperative bleeding) that needed a radical treatment in the end.
Conventionally, the IIA is ligated 5 cm distal to the bifurcation of the common iliac artery as it is said to spare the posterior division and avoid gluteal ischemia and necrosis.
Caption: FIGURE 4: (a) Postoperative control CT angiography image of the stent graft which was applied to the left common iliac artery and the ABF.
This patient was incidentally found to have an anatomic predisposition to venous thrombi when CT revealed evidence of left common iliac vein compression against her fifth vertebral body by her right common iliac artery. This finding is suggestive of May-Thurner syndrome, a pathologic condition characterized by LLE venous insufficiency secondary to left iliac vein compression.