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Noun1.common meter - the usual (iambic) meter of a ballad
cadence, metre, meter, measure, beat - (prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse
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Many layers of contemporary Western culture are skewered by these quatrains of common meter, a form that puts one in mind of Dickinson.
Which is why, when you're all alone, you're likely to find yourself singing the sturdy common meter hymn, "Amazing Grace," but not the song-leader-dependent "Gather Us In." For this, and other reasons, in most parishes it's less "How Can I Keep From Singing," and more "How Can I Ever Begin to Sing?"
versified in a simple common meter (4-3-4-3), with unrealized beats at
The most common meter sizes were eight (33%) and twelve (19%) inches, with fewer ten (14%) and sixteen (15%) inch meters.
This has enabled the development of common approaches; the two countries have been able to work together on a regulation on online betting on horses, using a common meter. They also foresee working together on poker.
Containing 50 songwriting exercises, examples from popular songs, and new chapters on couplets, common meter, and prosody, this handbook covers techniques for lyric development, verse continuity, and avoiding cliches, as well as tips for working with a co-writer.
Read presents the tunes in order based on their poetic meter and harmonic mode: Common Meter, major mode; Common Meter, minor mode; Long Meter, major mode, and so on.
You can enjoy traditional spirituals like "Kumbaya" (come by here) sung in an unfamiliar dialect to a strange beat called "common meter." You can watch nimble hands weave gorgeous sweet grass baskets with skills handed down through generations.
From a purely Greek perspective it makes sense to say that tetrameter is more marked than trimeter, as trimeter is by far the more common meter for dialogue.
common meter or common measureor , abbreviated C.M., also called hymnal stanza.