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Noun1.common meter - the usual (iambic) meter of a ballad
cadence, metre, meter, measure, beat - (prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Common Meter Reading Instruments (CMRI) as per specifications for Jalgaon Zone.
Many layers of contemporary Western culture are skewered by these quatrains of common meter, a form that puts one in mind of Dickinson.
versified in a simple common meter (4-3-4-3), with unrealized beats at
The most common meter sizes were eight (33%) and twelve (19%) inches, with fewer ten (14%) and sixteen (15%) inch meters.
This has enabled the development of common approaches; the two countries have been able to work together on a regulation on online betting on horses, using a common meter.
Containing 50 songwriting exercises, examples from popular songs, and new chapters on couplets, common meter, and prosody, this handbook covers techniques for lyric development, verse continuity, and avoiding cliches, as well as tips for working with a co-writer.
Read presents the tunes in order based on their poetic meter and harmonic mode: Common Meter, major mode; Common Meter, minor mode; Long Meter, major mode, and so on.
Whereas ballad meter usually has a variable number of unaccented syllables, common meter consists of regular iambic lines with an equal number of stressed and unstressed syllables.
In speaking of Sternhold's use of Common Meter, often called "ballad meter," the author upholds the view advanced by others, that - far from adopting an already-popular meter from balladry - it was Sternhold's metrical psalms that made the meter popular.