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common nouns vs. proper nouns

Nouns fall into one of two broad categories: common nouns and proper nouns.
All nouns serve to name a person, place, or thing. Those that identify general people, places, or things are called common nouns—they name that which is common among others. Proper nouns, on the other hand, are used to identify an absolutely unique person, place, or thing. A proper noun names someone or something that is one of a kind, which is signified by the use of a capital letter, no matter where it appears in a sentence.
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common noun

A noun, such as book or dog, that can be preceded by the definite article and that represents one or all of the members of a class.
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common noun

(Grammar) grammar a noun that refers to each member of a whole class sharing the features connoted by the noun, as for example planet, orange, and drum. Compare proper noun
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com′mon noun′

a noun that may be preceded by an article or other limiting modifier and that denotes any or all of a class of entities and not an individual, as man, city, horse, music.
Also called com′mon name′.Compare proper noun.
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Noun1.common noun - a noun that denotes any or all members of a class
noun - a content word that can be used to refer to a person, place, thing, quality, or action
deverbal noun, verbal noun - a noun that is derived from a verb
adnoun - an adjective used as a noun; "`meek' in `blessed are the meek' is an adnoun"
proper name, proper noun - a noun that denotes a particular thing; usually capitalized
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Yesterday morning, 16 English cram schools, including Kojen English Centers, AMC Language School, and Jeda Language Institute, held a conference at the Taipei Bar Association and asserted that TutorABC's lawsuits over the word "tutor" are baseless because it is a common noun. They claim that TutorABC's legal actions over the past three years over the word are an attempt to monopolize the market.
The word Word, translated in MTC as a common noun ([phrase omitted]) rather than a proper noun ([phrase omitted]), is an example of mistranslation.
In English usage (not just the Inquirer's), the common noun 'church' refers to a building, while the one spelled with the capital C refers to the institution.
The existence of the occupational term as the common noun is proved by the lexical-semantic variant of the word, given in the dictionaries under study, with the obligatory precise dating, belonging to the Middle English period.
The key term here is "seemingly", since a conspicuously-absent common noun provides a link for the four.
Rest is all common noun suffixes that leverage this one brand: Dell Storage, Dell Software, Dell Services.(never mind, Dell Software customers still use the phrase, "the actual Dell" to refer to rest of the company).
A common noun indicates a general category, while a proper noun names a specific item, such as the French Laundry.
Politico, of course, is a common noun in several languages.
Azam adds that since Gullu is used to denote violent behavior now it should be changed from a Proper to a Common Noun which means the word should no longer be capitalized.