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Noun1.common nuisance - a nuisance that unreasonably interferes with a right that is common to the general public; "a public nuisance offends the public at large"
nuisance - (law) a broad legal concept including anything that disturbs the reasonable use of your property or endangers life and health or is offensive
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He warned that anybody found to commit such an act would be charged with common nuisance and the appropriate punishment will apply.
It is a common nuisance for professionals but has never happened to the Dubliner before.
The drier climate means dust is a common nuisance, and those who have large, bay windows in their homes know too well how badly the dust can obscure a view.
Tailbacks on the highways, which have become a common nuisance that turns the journey of thousands of Eid holidaymakers into a nightmare every year, are generally caused by an increased number of vehicles or accidents.
The azalea lace bug is the most common nuisance. There are pesticides to control this problem, but the more natural the product, the better.
He explained they were a common nuisance in small neighbourhood roads, which they use to avoid police.
So, if you have adjournment of a case of common nuisance three times, you will see that seeking an alternative means to resolve it arises.
A team of researchers at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne studied Enterococcus faecium, a strain of bacteria that's a common nuisance in hospitals, but not particularly deadly.
Too often, we see these insects as no more than a common nuisance that can interrupt a nice day out with family or friends.
"Aircraft noise will be heard every where on the site and for the majority of people it will be above the level which will cause common nuisance."
Aircraft noise will be heard everywhere on the site and for the majority of people it will be above the level which will cause common nuisance."