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Noun1.common person - a person who holds no titlecommon person - a person who holds no title    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
bourgeois, burgher - a member of the middle class
nobody, nonentity, cypher, cipher - a person of no influence
everyman - the ordinary person
Joe Bloggs, Joe Blow, John Doe, man in the street - a hypothetical average man
layman, layperson, secular - someone who is not a clergyman or a professional person
pleb, plebeian - one of the common people
prole, proletarian, worker - a member of the working class (not necessarily employed); "workers of the world--unite!"
rustic - an unsophisticated country person
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I had been ordered to cross to the city in all haste and bring the best physician; I was doing my best; naturally I was running with all my might; the night was dark, I ran against this common person here, who seized me by the throat and began to pummel me, although I told him my errand, and implored him, for the sake of the great earl my master's mortal peril --
The common person interrupted and said it was a lie; and was going to explain how I rushed upon him and attacked him without a word --
Then they made it evident that they proposed that he, as a common person below the rank of officer should have the sole and undivided privilege of disposing of the body by dragging it to the water's edge.
My Lady's name is not a name for common persons to trifle with
It will be seen that there are two legal systems, one for the common person and one for the rich and powerful, who can escape accountability and punishment.
He further observed that scenario has been changed in last decade now a common person cant wait for his child to complete graduation or masters to earn.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal said "CPEC is bringing massive changes that are benefitting the common person in the country.
I am a common man, I will admit that I was not too well versed with the protocols, so I behaved like a common person without getting too formal.
The estrangement of philosophy from the ordinariness of human life makes it unreachable to the common person.
Authority and "the people" / The Encyclopedia Britannica defines "populism" as a "political program or movement that champions the common person," noting that it "usually combines elements of the left and the right.
ISLAMABAD -- A move meant to reflect the state of the common person in Pakistan, a member of the opposition chose a rather peculiar way to register his protest against the federal budget - tearing his clothes at the entrance of the Parliament.
It does not matter if the victim was a common person or a militant or a terrorist," the court has said.