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Noun1.common soldier - an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marinescommon soldier - an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marines; "our prisoner was just a private and knew nothing of value"
enlisted man - a male enlisted person in the armed forces
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Now, instead of a common soldier he had become a noble lord, and the people told him about all the grand doings of the town and the King, and what a beautiful Princess his daughter was.
Pierre got up and left his new companions, crossing between the campfires to the other side of the road where he had been told the common soldier prisoners were stationed.
The ordinary sapper is a great deal better educated than the common soldier, and they discussed the peculiar conditions of the possible fight with some acuteness.
And he who had been captain of the guard but now was a common soldier noticed this also.
It an't so much of a catch, after looking out so sharp ever since she was a little chit, and costing such a deal in dress and show, to get a poor, common soldier, with one arm, is it, mim?
Consequently he has made a unique contribution to literature in his portrayals, in both prose and verse, of the English common soldier and of English army life on the frontiers of the Empire.
The governor, Lopez, was a common soldier at the time of the revolution; but has now been seventeen years in power.
One was the common soldier with the coffee, who said simply: "I will act for you, sir.
When the common soldiers are too strong and their officers too weak, the result is insubordination.
They had a literature of their own, and many of the men, even the common soldiers, were omnivorous readers.
I'd like to promote the private, for I believe no private should ever be in public life; and I've also noticed that officers usually fight better and are more reliable than common soldiers. Besides, the officers are more important looking, and lend dignity to our army."
Lieutenants in the army get about a dollar a day, and common soldiers a couple of cents.