communicable disease

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Noun1.communicable disease - a disease that can be communicated from one person to another
disease - an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning
contagion, contagious disease - any disease easily transmitted by contact
infectious disease - a disease transmitted only by a specific kind of contact
cold, common cold - a mild viral infection involving the nose and respiratory passages (but not the lungs); "will they never find a cure for the common cold?"
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Treating behavior as if it were a communicable disease is problematic," I noted, since "behavior cannot be transmitted to other people against their will .
As you begin preparations for the summer of 2015, take some time to review and update your camps communicable disease risk management plan.
Hamad Medical Corporation's ( HMC) Communicable Diseases Unit and the Supreme Council of Health's (SCH) Medical Commission Department are working hard to keep communicable diseases at bay, a top doctor has said.
Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control: a Global Perspective is designed as a compact reference guide and framework to assist in understanding the plethora of communicable diseases by grouping these according to common modes of transmission, which in turn often defines interventions for control.
The factors that increase the risk of communicable disease outbreaks and epidemics in Central Asia include:
The team includes a consultant in communicable disease control, a nurse consultant, three communicable disease control nurses, two TB nurses, an information manager and three clerical staff.
Communicable disease outbreaks in the community can and will spread to the incarcerated population through contact with new bookings.
after a major outbreak of SARS or a similar communicable disease.
Dr Madhu Bardhan, consultant in communicable disease for Coventry Primary Care Trust, said the vaccination programme was a display of general principles of control of any communicable disease.
It states: "Conditions are favorable for communicable disease outbreaks, particularly in major urban areas affected by coalition bombing.
The bottom line of this ADA provision is that an employer would not be permitted to act adversely to an employee with an infectious or communicable disease absent recognition by the Secretary of HHS of an actual danger.
Communicable disease control and health protection handbook, 3d ed.

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