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The study of communication, including such fields as semiotics, audiology, and speech pathology.

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"University in Jakarta also expressed interest for cooperation with faculties of social sciences, especially department of culturology and communicology, and faculty of archaeology, which we unfortunately do not have within the university.
Phenomenology of communication: Merleau-Ponty's thematics in communicology and semiology.
**Professor of communicology Viktorija Kafedziska, says, that as a start, the referendum messages are not very promising, even confusing and unclear, and the public has already started hunting for the first mistakes, critical for the two parties.
In chapter nine, David Deluliis and Jeff Lohr explored how communicology is a framework to understanding Afrofuturism as a speculative discourse (Anderson & Jones, 2016).
Nowadays, we can affirm with historical certainty that semiotics occupies a prominent role at the current epistemological field of communicology, the philosophy of communication.
A communicology lens concerns how work individualities and connections are gendered by macro-level established participants, in addition to how that gendering mechanism becomes communicatively tangible in or opposed by social participants at the level of ordinary habit and interplay.
The human science of communicology:A phenomenology of discourse in Foucault and Merleau-Ponty.
His research spans the fields of existential phenomenology, media ecology, semiotics, communicology. the philosophy of communication, and multidisciplinary communication theory.
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MerleauPonty's thematics in communicology and semiology.
Intrapersonal communicology: reflection, reflexivity, and relational consciousness in embodied subjectivity.