communion table

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commun′ion ta`ble

the table used in the celebration of communion, or the Lord's Supper.
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Noun1.communion table - the table in Christian churches where communion is givencommunion table - the table in Christian churches where communion is given
table - a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"
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Once the listener fancied that he could distinguish the accents of towns-people of his own, men and women, both pious and ungodly, many of whom he had met at the communion table, and had seen others rioting at the tavern.
The place seemed smaller than it used to be; but there were the old monuments on which he had gazed with childish awe a thousand times; the little pulpit with its faded cushion; the Communion table before which he had so often repeated the Commandments he had reverenced as a child, and forgotten as a man.
Pastor at chapel going on and on, hands waving so that you feared for the flowers perched either side of the communion table. Yes or no, visited on sons or not?
You can also see Alice's sculpture of angels holding candles on the abbey's Communion table.
Dave Prichard Rumney, Cardiff Letter enters into a contested debate IN his letter published in the January 3 edition of the Echo letters page, Dr Timothy Cross ventures into one of the most contested debates of the Reformation; the relationship between Communion table and altar.
Contrary to 1 down of your crossword of Wednesday January 2, it is incorrect to refer to a communion table as an 'altar.'
When their name is called, persons will bring their rose forward and put it in a vase on the communion table. Visit
The size of Marlowe's scattered words increased gradually as the viewer approached the communion table and the final page's final word, 'Opus'.
The company, based in Thirsk, provided nearly 200 bespoke chairs and trolleys, a new communion table, a lectern and a suspended cross to create a new worship area in the Grade II-listed church in St John Street.
Jill said their eight-year-old guest house, which incorporates the church's original pulpit and communion table into its design, is "flying the flag for the Northumberland coast as a wonderful place to visit".
The oak pews hug the pulpit in a semi-circle providing everyone with a perfect view of the communion table. There is something to be said for the beauty of old buildings.
Three readings were read by representatives of the Scouts, Sunday School and congregation, and candles on the communion table were lit during prayers for other people - as a symbol that we remembered.