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Even before Pyongyang allegedly succeeded in developing nuclear weapons, these conservatives had regarded North Korea as a formidable foe that can always communize the entire peninsula if it wishes to a and if the United States does not step in.
PITB has also constituted a team led by Sajid Latif, Director General e-governance to regularly conduct training sessions to familiarize and disseminate information about the system to communize it.
11,734 (1962) (quoting Congressman John Williams of Mississippi as stating that Engel was "a deliberate and carefully planned conspiracy to substitute materialism for spiritual values, and thus to communize America").
Tom Aepelbacher, vice president of the GSO, was then tasked to attack everything that was decentralized and communize as appropriate.
Vermeer: I would not say there has been a concerted effort among the various manufacturers, domestic and foreign, to communize controls.
CIO Out to Communize LeTourneau Company," the LeTourneau Evangelistic Foundation's Joyful News announced in an issue largely devoted to the emergency.
Auburn, on returning back from a Soviet trip, commented that "the Kremlin intends to use education as the principal weapon in its unceasing drive to communize the world" (Auburn).
To the editorialist, the bill represented nothing but the first stage of a plan to socialize or communize the country.
Zhdanov and his followers became the scapegoats, in the "Leningrad Case," for the failed attempt to communize Western Europe through the local Communist parties and to make the radical, and independent, Yugoslav Communists a favored partner.
This sounds like another pandering attempt to communize public lands for the self-serving, urban eco-elite that have infested our state for the last 15 years.
Having taught Korean university students for the past six-plus years and witnessing the tremendous social change away from Confucian respect for authority, I can readily believe that the DPRK has "no intention or capability at all to communize South Korea.

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