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Coexisting or concomitant with an unrelated pathological or disease process: patients with comorbid diabetes and depression.

co′mor·bid′i·ty n.


(Medicine) (of an illness or condition) happening at the same time as another illness or condition
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Even though BAE in TB patients has been studied previously, [17,18] these studies have limited number of patients with tuberculosis as the aetiological factor for massive haemoptysis and the results have not been sufficient to address the role of BAE in pulmonary tuberculosis patients having comorbid risk factors.
Summary: Abu Dhabi [UAE], Sept 25 (ANI): The world's former heaviest woman Eman Abdul Atti passed away on Monday due to complications the underlying comorbid conditions, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.
These comorbid diagnoses not only were clinically significant in themselves, but also were associated with changes in treatment efficacy, highlighting the need for holistic surveillance of patients with PG, Alexander Fischer, MPH, said during an oral presentation of his poster at the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology.
The high prevalence rate of comorbid general medical conditions (GMCs) among patients with bipolar disorder has been well documented and illustrates the importance of integrating behavioral health and primary care services.
Objective: To assess whether high-risk elderly patients with aggressive tumour biology can be offered standard treatment despite having multiple comorbid conditions.
Up to 3% improvement in documentation of comorbid conditions/major comorbid conditions (CC/MCC) that are often missed in patient charts and important for quality of care
Comorbid depression also is associated with more asthma-related sleep disturbances and worse health-related quality of life, even though spirometry findings are similar in asthma patients with and without depression, said Dr.
27) concluded in their study that the presence of comorbid disorders, such as ODD, CD, or reading disorder, would worsen cognitive and behavioral functioning in ADHD.
3,4] In 1860 French psychiatrist Benedict-Augustin Morel first described patients with symptoms typical of what is now considered comorbid BD and OCD.
Research has demonstrated that for Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression is a highly comorbid condition [1].
Riggs, who is an expert in treating comorbid adolescent substance abuse and psychiatric disorders.
Musculoskeletal and endocrine (eg, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis) comorbid health conditions are prevalent in people living with COPD and could contribute to their experience of pain.