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Coexisting or concomitant with an unrelated pathological or disease process: patients with comorbid diabetes and depression.

co′mor·bid′i·ty n.


(Medicine) (of an illness or condition) happening at the same time as another illness or condition
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A common thread linking AUDs with other comorbid mental health disorders such as depression and PTSD is the role that stress plays in precipitating and maintaining these disorders.
The text closely examines the assessment and treatment of psychiatric comorbid disorders among adolescents such as depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD, and high-risk behaviors including suicidal behavior, self-harm behavior, and gambling behavior.
The weights are affected by the patient's comorbid conditions; more complex or severe comorbid conditions typically require greater resources and thus result in higher reimbursements to hospitals.
Treating ADHD and comorbid disorders; psychosocial and psychopharmacological interventions.
Comorbid illness affects health-related quality of life after coronary artery bypass graft surgery
The Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) conducted a study looking at these data to determine if this information was actually a true reflection of the comorbid conditions in the renal population.
Previous research in community cancer samples has shown high prevalence rates of comorbid conditions among cancer patients, with 69 to 88 percent reporting at least one comorbid condition (Kourokian, Murray, and Madigan, 2006; Ogle et al.
Interestingly, the total score was not significantly different between parents of children with refractory and nonrefractory epilepsy or parents of children with comorbid or without comorbid conditions.
Comorbid conditions were present in 22 children: cystic fibrosis (1), spinal muscular atrophy type 1 (4), Down syndrome (4), cardiac abnormalities (5), and HIV infection (8).
We do screen for possible comorbid conditions, including the other disruptive behavior disorders (conduct and oppositional defiant disorder) and anxiety and depressive spectrum disorders.
The impact of cigarette smoking on mortality, quality of life, and comorbid illness among HIVpositive veterans.
The morbidity of many of these nonmalignant urological disorders is compounded by other common comorbid conditions such as diabetes and obesity.