compact disk player

com´pact disk` play´er

    (kǒm´păkt dĭsk` plā´ẽr) electronic device containing a laser, used to read or play back the data on a compact disk. The term is usually used for the type of device used to play music recordings. That used for data storgage n coputer applications is usually called a CD drive. Called also CD player and informally, CD.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Police, with a warrant, searched the apartment and found the opened package with two kilos of powder cocaine concealed in the gutted insides of a compact disk player in the shape of a bronzed treasure chest.
It comes with part leather seats, air con, compact disk player, front and side airbags, electric mirrors and front windows, alloys, and metallic paint.
Soga, 43, has received various gifts, including winter clothes, boxes of fruit and a compact disk player, at her home in Mano on Sadogashima Island in Niigata Prefecture, they said.
Most of the appliances will enable internet access via television while combining some PC functions with those of a digital versatile disk or video compact disk player.
This custom model would be a multi-media system, with large screen and compact disk player, sound board, stereo speakers, 300 or more megabyte hard drive, data tape backup unit for data security, special keyboard, special mouse or track ball or a pen-pointing device.
Sony, meanwhile, introduced the first successful mini-sized, laser-operated compact disk player, which swept the American market.
100-dollar bills on July 21 from the crew member through another man in the secondhand goods trade as payment for some 40 items, including a compact disk player, police said.
Both Nuwa and Venus will allow Chinese electronics firms to combine a web browser, low-end personal computer and video compact disk player in a single set-top box, using a TV set as a monitor.
The tiny laser in a compact disk player or a laser printer generates light from the excitation of electrons in an active layer of a sandwich of semiconducting materials.
High-quality facsimile machines and child seats are a bit more expensive in Tokyo than in the world's four other major cities, but products such as videotape players and compact disk players are cheaper, a government survey showed Monday.
It took videocassette players eight years and compact disk players almost five years to attain similar levels of shipments, Sony said.
A team of researchers has applied this rule of thumb to gallium arsenide, the semiconductor material used in the laser elements in compact disk players. By growing gallium arsenide crystals nearly 25 percent purer than those previously made, the group recorded a maximum electron speed of 14.4 million centimeters per second.

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