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or com·pact·er  (kəm-păk′tər, kŏm′păk′-)
An appliance that compresses trash for ease of disposal.
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What is a man but a finer and compacter landscape than the horizon figures,-- nature's eclecticism?
We stood aghast as the newly installed, automatic and unstoppable washing machine vibrated itself across the utility room emitting sounds, water and dislodged fragments of metal, failed to stop a rotary mower which always had to be left going until it ran out of gas, broadcast a most delicate personal conversation at full volume over the house-wide intercom, and, by the skin of our teeth, saved ' Dog' (our retriever puppy) from ' Jaws', (our refuse compacter).
In addition, waste compacter vehicles are also anticipated to face great demand.
The surface of the char layer from IFR-PP (PEPA) was smoother and compacter than IFR-PP (PBPP) and IFR-PP (PER), which helps to prevent the transfer of heat and flammable volatiles and prevent the melted PP from dripping during combustion; however, there were many holes on the surface of the char layer of IFR-PP (PER), and this poor char layer could not prevent the degradation of the underlying PP and weakened the flame retardant effectiveness of IFR-PP (PER) in PP.
Enables a compacter design, while allowing different products sizes to be transported.
The UCP is much thicker and compacter than the AM (Figure 2).
Both models are thinner and compacter than their previous versions.
"The construction market where we build our dump trucks, we often have a J.C.-type product with a tag-along trailer to go behind a dump truck to pull a small compacter, backhoe or bulldozer.
On ne prend jamais ou presque le soin de curer la cavite ou encore de compacter le bitume pour lui donner plus d'adherence au sol.